MARCH 2019 Releases - 40' HC containers - JTC Model Trains

JaxTerminal Mar 12, 2019

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    Jacksonville Terminal Company - MARCH 2019 Releases - 40' HC containers N Scale

    We are excited to announce the release of our March products that have shipped to Distributors and Direct Dealers last week. We have some very unique prototypical schemes such as the NASA - Nebula and the OOCL- Phantom of the Opera. Below are direct links to view each product in this release, with close-up photos and some details about them. Also we hope that you will notice the variety of Doors that we have tooled and used.

    NASA - Nebula

    OOCL - Phantom

    OOCL 'PHANTOM' 40' HIGH CUBE containers with Magnetic system, Corrugated-side. JTC # 405023. These were prototype containers, decorated for the 'Phantom of the Opera' show, as OOCL was the official Ocean carrier for the stage props for some years. A very unique and beautifully decorated model from recreated artwork.





    Our retro-fit kits are a great addition to allow other brands to magnetically connect to the JTC product line OR to magnetically connect to their own brand. We have kits for the ATLAS 40' container, M-T 48 & 53, and S-T 53' containers. Stay tuned into for new product announcements. JTC will continue to deliver our highly detailed & decorated prototypical containers, with the Magnection connecting system (magnets & connecting pins), to the market along with the intermodal accessories that will not disappoint the N-scaler.

    The JTC team thanks you for your business and continued interest of our product line. BR, Stan & Steve

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