Making N Scale Signals by Jim Reising

Jim Reising Aug 7, 2011

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  1. Jim Reising

    Jim Reising In Memoriam

    I've been asked for a tutorial on how I build signals. Here 'tis.


    This photo shows the materials required to build my type of signals. We begin with the fret from TrainCat. The kit is D type Signal Masts. Next are 603 LEDs from Richmond Controls, then a cut mast and three uncut masts, some brass sheet I scribed for the snow hoods (will be scissored later), finshed hoods to the left, A couple completed masts, the targets and .030 insulating styrene, and of course some ACC to glue it all together.


    This shot shows the targets with the insulators glued to the back and drilled out for the LEDs. You will want to paint the front of the target to hide the unused hole for the old style light shield (see the four on the right) and the insides of the holes so white is not seen.


    Next, glue in the LEDs. I gently drill out just the styrene a bit larger than the target holes and the LEDs fit fairly snugly. This is a good place to warn you to be very careful handling the tiny LEDs. The wires WILL break if not properly handled. Bear this in mind for the rest of the construction process also. If you put a bunch of these together and don't have some LED failures my hat's off to you.


    Then you glue the support that holds the head to the mast. You want to make sure this is secure and the glue has dried before attempting to mount them.

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  2. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman TrainBoard Member

    Here is a link the the excellent thread referenced above. This is a link to a post in a larger thread called "The New Oakville Sub," a very nice thread on construction of a complete, large layout. Thanks to Jim Reising for both of these threads.

    Additional search terms:
    wiring scenery dwarf mast pole siding switch turnout electrical layout signaling signals
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