Lubricating Locomotives

thomas Jul 29, 2000

  1. thomas

    thomas TrainBoard Member

    Is it necessary to lube these newer type locomotives? What I mean by newer type is since Kato and Atlas started putting flywhells in their locos back in the early 90s and got away from all plastic gears,is lubricating them something I should be doing on a regular basis? I notice that Kato says not to lube after purchase, on their parts list that comes with every locomotive. What do you think?
  2. porkypine52

    porkypine52 TrainBoard Member

    I am lubricating all of my new engines, no matter who made them. First I make sure the engine is broken in good, before I add any oil/grease. I think that KATO is putting the warning with the engines, because so many people will go with the idea,"that a little oil/grease is good, so a lot of oil/grease will be even better!" This concept is WRONG. The less oil/grease the better. A little goes a long way. Use just enough. Also make sure that your oil/grease is PLASTIC COMPATABLE. It will say so on the label. Don't use WD-40.

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  3. Eagle2

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    Mind, I'm repeating what I've been told by a couple of storeowners (hobbyists going back a LOT longer than me) - don't lube right out of the box. The engines come lubed, and I believe you want to wait for a sign - gear growl or heat or the like - before lubing. And like Mark said, less is better. You probably wouldn't want to oil straight from the bottle; use a pin or such to apply a very small drop to the gearbox. Too much will cause at least as many problems as too little. Happy tracks!

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