Lots of H0 and some DCC for Sale

Mike Sheridan Jul 16, 2012

  1. Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan TrainBoard Member

    For a number of reasons I have decided to give up modelling trains. I still have an interest and will attend the odd show to see what is going on and enjoy other people's efforts, but I will not have my own stuff. As a result I am selling all my railway model stuff and the layout (H0) as well as my NCE DCC system.

    I expect it will mostly end up on ebay and TrainStore, but initially I have made a section in my website with it all listed with pictures, so that privileged people such as yourselves can have first choice if you wish. Of course I'm in the UK, so this may be of limited value, but as I bought most of my stuff a good few years ago there may be a hard-to-get-now item you need buried there. I will ship worldwide to Trainboard members, though you will have to pay the cost.

    To view just go to my website - below - and follow the link.

    BTW, I'll still be modelling ... but boats ... for now anyway :)

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