Looking for a few good N Scalers from around the Flint, Mi area

Doug Trouten Jan 7, 2004

  1. Doug Trouten

    Doug Trouten TrainBoard Member


    I am trying to start an NTrak club in the Flint Michigan area called FliNTrak.

    Let me first introduce myself to those who dont know me. I am Doug Trouten, an NScaler in the Flint, Michigan area. I am looking to start up a local NTrak club. If you live with in a reasonable distance to Flint you are welcome to join. I currently have a set of by-laws, Club standards and recomended practices, ect... to use as a base thanks to the fine folks at North Raliegh Model Railroad Club (I have contacted them and asked for permission, and I have recieved it, to use most if not all of thier standards and rules for the club I am trying to start up).

    I will admit I have been trying to get this club going for the past couple months, unfortunately I have been doing it fairly passively due to real life commitments. Now I have a little more free time I am ready to get a little more agressive in the membership drive. I do plan onadvertising with flyers at the Local Hobby Shops here in the Flint, MI area along with posting this request here and on other forums I visit.

    I unfortunately do not have a place to hold meetings yet, nor do I have a day for the meetings set yet. So if you are interested in joining if you have an idea of a place where we could meet please let me know.

    Now I do have a few questions for those of you who already belong to an existing NTrak club.

    1) Does your Club charge dues? If so, how much? If not does your club raise money for supplies in another way such as a 50/50 raffle at the meetings, holding a local train show/swap meet, ect...

    2) How often does your club meet and where? Does your club meet once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. Do you meet at a set location or do you do a round robin between the members homes.

    3) Does your club do DCC? If so what system do you use and do you do DCC on all the lines or just the two mainlines?

    Thanks in advance for the answers to my questions.

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  2. jmandrew191

    jmandrew191 New Member


    My name is Jeff and I live in Grayling Michigan. Im an Nscaler but not an N-tracker. I can help with some things at times because I travel around Flint once or twice a month on the weekends. Id like to see a N-track club around Michigan. I was once into N-track when it first got started in the late seventies in Columbus Ohio. We had a very hard time trying to find folks that modeled N scale in that large of city. We all belonged the the Scioto Valley RR Club which was HO. We did however get enough modules together to set up at the OHIO STATE FAIR in 1979 and continue through 1986 when I moved away from Ohio. My Module appeared in Model Railroader Magazine along with modules from the O and HO layouts. Mine was unique because it was 6 foot long, the scenery was western US, and it had a scratch built bridge on the outside track. When I locate the picture they sent me in the mail I will post it on my URL for my home layout.
    Thanks again.

    PS I need some switch machine help also. Need to know whats a good machine for PECO's that will work with my 2 1/2" sub roadbed.
  3. Doug Trouten

    Doug Trouten TrainBoard Member

    Jmandrew191- We currently have a couple NTrak clubs in Michigan that I know of, one is in Lansing and there is another on the west side of the state if I am correct.

    From what I understand there is a nice little N Scale following here in the Flint area. If I am able to get the club going I will let you know.

    As for the switch machine have you tried Tortise switches or the Caboose Industries groundthrows?
  4. Catt

    Catt Permanently dispatched

    Hi guys,I'm part of that west side group.N scalers in and around Grand Rapids are the damndest bunch of folks you'll ever meet. They are friendly and outgoing but won't join anything!.

    IronRailz is going on 10 years and we are now doing both NTRAK and TTRAK.Everybody likes it but no one wants to join in it.We are the only NTRAK group/club on the westside.

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