Lionel Fastrack turnouts? So many models?

FlightRisk Dec 23, 2019

  1. FlightRisk

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    So far I am a little stumped as to the difference between all the turnouts. I will use either a layout that uses both 24" (048) diameter or 30" diameter (060) or one that goes with 18" (036) everywhere. Here are most of the numbers for items that look the same to me:

    81949 048 turnout remote/command
    12065 048 turnout remote
    16830 048 turnout command control

    Remote? Command? Remote & Command? What's the difference? Also, the 048s come with little 12073 1-3/8" sections? Are these easements or to adjust clearance? Are they necessary? I'm building this suspended cieling layout probably with the combination 048 and 060 and on paper it looks find without the little joiners. suspended layout.jpg . What do you think?
  2. acptulsa

    acptulsa TrainBoard Member

    Command Control is Lionel's version of DCC. They don't use DCC because they aren't traditionally DC.

    The small curve sections extend the curved leg of the switch enough to make them equivalent to a full section of 048 curve track.
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