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conrailandrew Jun 14, 2016

  1. conrailandrew

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    Hello all!

    Unless I'm missing it, I'm not seeing a place where there is a collection of links for code and project tutorials for DCC++ and its related projects. Searching through the hundreds of posts we have here to find the code or tutorial for a certain project is becoming daunting.

    Could those that have project builds posted somewhere post links with descriptions here? Keep descriptions short and sweet, think of it as the Downloads page for DCC++. This will make it much easier for someone getting into DCC++ to find the available projects. If a project is updated, perhaps the post referring to it could be edited to add the update instead of having a whole new post for the update?

    I would recommend keeping discussion to a minimum, to keep this thread from growing too long.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work on this project, everyone!
  2. David Bodnar

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    Here are links to DCC++ information on my web page:

    Initial JMRI and DCC++ Controller Setup
    The basics of getting started

    My Experiments with DCC ++
    Lots of info on motor shields

    DCC++ Talking Infrared Throttle & Point-to-Point Controller
    As the title says, how to make an external throttle that controls DCC++ locos, including a point-to-point controller

    High Power DCC Booster
    Need 43 amps? Probably not, but you can trim down an inexpensive motor controller and use it for 3 or 4 or 5 amps!

    Note that there are videos on most of the links or you can see them all here:
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    Well, I finally decided to join the board for all the information available on DCC++. I´ve been modeling HO scale since the early 1980´s when my good friend, Jim Witherington, took me to his house one day after church services. He showed me his HO scale layout and immediately, I got bit by the bug and have been HO model railroading since that time. Jim passed away in 1999, but I will always remember him not only for his interest in HO scale model railroading, but as a WWII veteran who flew over 30 missions over Nazi Germany as a top turret gunner on a B-17G named ¨Going My Way¨, the title of a Bing Crosby song in the 1940´s. He will be missed forever. He´s the one responsible for my keen interest in model railroading.
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