Layout Plans?

Jerin Michels May 25, 2000

  1. Catt

    Catt Permanently dispatched

    Ok Jerin,now I'll get a little bit serious.Iwould suggest that you use half or 1 inch blue board on top of your plywood.
    I would also suggest the use of cork roadbed.The cork will allow a nice ballast profile and the blue board will let you model below the track level for such things as ditches and various water ways.Hope this is helpful to you.

  2. mtaylor

    mtaylor Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Are you building just a test layout and plan on tearing it down before you build your real layour? I have my test oval right ontop of plywood. Then again, I have no plans on keeping the test oval operational once the layout is operational. I like the roadbed from Woodland Scenics. I think it is a little easier to work with than cork board. Cork board is a heck of a lot cheaper though. I agree, use the blue board if this is not a test layout.

  3. Robin Matthysen

    Robin Matthysen Passed Away October 17, 2005 In Memoriam

    Catt is right. I use 1/2 inch foam over plywood and then cork roadbed on top of that. Trains sound and look better because it is possible to vary the ground height with the foam making culvets and such possible. The foam I get comes in 2 ft. by 8 ft. lenghts and is 1/2 inch deep. It is quite cheap too. [​IMG] Here in Canada I pay $25.00 for a box of midwest cork roadbed. It goes a long way. [​IMG]

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  4. Jerin Michels

    Jerin Michels Guest

    I live north of Oberlin Ks in the middle of nowhere. Actually closer to McCook Ne than Oberlin. My layout will be N-13 in Atlas's 9 n scale railroads, chapter 7 The Badger,Blockade&Buffalo. It's measurements are 13.5 inches x 12 feet. It looks to be full of switching possibilities!
  5. Danimal

    Danimal TrainBoard Member

    Hey Jerin I only live 79 miles from McCook! Give me a yell and we'll get together. Dan

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