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rrman48 Oct 20, 2000

  1. rrman48

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    Can anyone suggest a good layout CAD program
    that doesnt cost an arm,leg or 1st born to
    get,and you dont have to have a degree in
    applied science to use.Any information
    would greatly be appreciated.

  2. tunnel88

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    I'm running the 3D PlanIt demo... I think it's like $75. I don't know how simple it is compared to the other ones, but it does take some learning...
  3. watash

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    AutoCad was great until AutoDesk came out with 'Windows' version, then it went south. The company I was under contract to asked why Windows? We were told for two reasons, 1. The cartoons (Icons) were supposed to make it possible for foreign nationals (people who did not speak English), to successfully operate the software. 2. Because too many students were being graduated into the work force that could not read nor spell, that the government had devised the Icon system (the Universities along with B. Gates did it), to insure suffecient quantities of warm bodies that were expected to be required by the "Computer Generation". Reading, understanding, spelling, and math skills would no longer be needed, since manufacturing in U.S.A. was going to be reduced anyway. Sorry kids still in school, that's what the man said, and that's where our jobs went. Overseas and you got left with the boob tube. [​IMG]

    I ran a drafting race against a 'Windows Expert' in our offices. Both were given a set of specs, and drawing requirements for an assembly. When the Manager said 'go' we both started out. I finished first using AutoCad version 11. He was upset, but neither of us made any mistakes. Both drawings were checked. I still hate all the time wasted having to fool with changing windows just to make a line tangent to a parabola. Such is progress, it sure slowed down designing and drafting. Now it takes almost twice as long to do.

  4. Colonel

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  5. ChrisDante

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    I'm not sure of the price, but check out They will send yu a demo that does almost everything the full program does except you can't save it and it resets after X number of minutes. I have played with both Winlok and RailRoad... and like RailRoad... much better.

    Hope this helps.

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  6. BryGy

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    I have tried both 3rd PlanIt and CadRail 7.0 Demo. I like 3rd PlanIt much better. It was easier to get started with and the demo allowed you to do almost everything, except saving it. They also provide a tutorial that you can download. I went through the tutorial and then decided to purchase.

    I haven't done much with it since then. I am building my first layout now and went with a pretty simple layout that I have a picture of, instead of trying to design my own. But I know that I will be tinkering with 3rd Planit in the near future as I begin to design a more permanent/larger layout.


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  7. RailRon

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    I tried demo versions of CadRail and 3rdPlanIt - then I bought the latter. It costs about $100, but I think it is well worth that much.
    True, you really have to learn 3rdPlanIt, and this takes TIME! And you won't draw a layout in one evening, even when you are really good at using this program. But its possibilities are almost endless - two ways to create a realy good-looking landscape and even the possibility to run you trains on your virtual pike.
    Creating a layout almost can become a hobby in itself!

    Have fun!

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