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centralRR May 1, 2010

  1. centralRR

    centralRR TrainBoard Member

    I scorred this old Alco Models Brass RS11 for just over $50 with shipping on ebay recently. I always have had a soft spot for the D&H lightning stripe units. She was listed as wanted to run but acted bound up/stiff. As with all older brass diesels I rehab for local modelers, I completely tore down the drive, cleaning the trucks with isopropyl alcohol to remove all the hardened grease from the axles and gears. I polished the wheel treads, axle slots in the trucks and the axles shafts with my dremel and a stainless wire wheel. I then relubricated everything with Labelle brand lubricants, light weight oil on the axle and drive shaft bearings, and a heavier oil on the gears themselves. My model has metal axle gears instead of the crack prone plastic ones. I do keep the NWSL upgrade gear kit in stock for when I get one that has cracked gears. The motor is still the large open frame motor, but with some tlc and fresh lube, it runs smooth and draws under 1 amp under most normal operating situations. I also upgraded the trucks to 8 wheel pickup by putting wipers on the insulated wheels that are soldered to a piece of circuit board that is super glued to the side frame cross member. This cures all the stalling and inconsistant running these models tend to have. This one already has working lights installed so no need to do that work. Engine now runs smooth and isnt much noiser than an Athearn blue box diesel. This one has the tower gear drive with no drive shaft underneath the unit. Both sides of the fuel tank are filled making the unit very heavy and an excellent puller. Granted she isnt a new run Atlas RS11, dripping with fragile details, but she pulls like an ox, can handle being transported to the local train club and has enough detail for my taste. I may have to model the D&H now, I put two Athearn RS3's in layaway at the LHS last night. Combine my love of Alcos with the beautifull lightning strip paint scheme makes a real winner in my eyes! Enjoy the pic. Mike
  2. AKrrnut

    AKrrnut TrainBoard Member

    Sounds like you got a great deal, and turned it into an even better one! Good job!

  3. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Awwww, C'mon! Lets see her pullin' a local freight. :)
  4. Stourbridge Lion

    Stourbridge Lion TrainBoard Supporter

    Nothing Better!!!!!!!

    :tb-cool: :tb-cool: :tb-cool: :tb-cool:
  5. kerajo

    kerajo New Member

    I am new to this site and am looking for some help on two old japanesse brass locomotive kits fom the 40s to 60s. they have no manufactures name on box just on a tag tied to the engine say Tamaya? They are both in red boxes one cost 35 yen and other 37 yen. If anyone has any information I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!

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