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gjslsffan Aug 12, 2019

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    Hi everyone.
    I have an older Rail Power Products SD9 I been working on off and on for the last 15 years.
    Yea I know, cant you ever finish anything?
    Anyways, a lot of detailing has been installed, and will be, on this old war horse. Basically no original details left. I decides a long time ago, that I would model a late version of the SD9's, with the high short hood about 9 inches higher than the long hood, 48" cooling fans, as well as the later model cab sub base, and a lot of other details. I will get some images uploaded.
    My great friend always had a "Q" locomotive model in the works, he was a master modeler. Anyways I was gonna surprise him with this model.
    Well he got sick and passed in 2008, I just put it all in a box and and moved on. Since then I have put together a 1955-68ish train, that stays together, and will go in and out of staging, as all the other rolling stock is 1980+.
    Today we brought that train out of staging after a few months and all I had was 2 "Q" SD7/9's built by my friend, and 2 BN SD9's by me, now we are talking about 57 cars on a 1.5% grade for a couple hundred feet, so I was hoping these old SD's would pull it, but everyone said "no way". We were so surprised, that those old SD7/9's just dug in pulled that train and owned it. Now I think we can add about 10 cars to that train and still fit in the staging yard, and that will put this loco I am inspired to finish to work.
    So my question is. Were these late model Q SD9's delivered in that great Black and Grey scheme? Or is it the Red and Grey? Were they actually C&S?
    Thanks for suggestions and corrections.

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