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TexChris Mar 29, 2001

  1. TexChris

    TexChris TrainBoard Member

    Hopefully, we can get a KCS board here soon for these kinds of questions, but here it goes if there's any KCS fans out there--I recently picked up a 1968 KCS timetable, which still showed the Southern Belle passenger train. When was the last run? What would the equipment have looked like--motive power, cars, color scheme? Were all the passenger cars in the black/yellow/red scheme? Were they all streamlined, or were there still some heavyweights? When was the last passenger train on the Dallas line? Thanks.
  2. Dwightman

    Dwightman TrainBoard Member

    According to the KCS Historical Society, the Southern Belle was discontinued on Nov. 2, 1969. I would guess that the equipment used would have been mainly lightweight streamlined cars, possibily with a few rebuilt heavyweights. The motive power would probably be E units. All would still be painted black/yellow/red. I don't know when the last run on the Dallas line was. My Aug. 1950 Official Guide shows it as freight only.


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