Kato MP36's Run Inconsistently

gkoproske Jul 9, 2015

  1. gkoproske

    gkoproske New Member

    I had occasion to acquire 4 Kato MP36's. When I put all 4 on my layout and crank the throttle, each locomotive runs at a different speed. Significantly different such that I can't really pair any of the two of them (Analog). This has not been my experience with Kato N in general. After removing the shell, I see that the frame is of a new design. I also notice that getting at the drive train appears to be a pain in the rear. Does anyone have experience taking these apart and perhaps lubing in order to get them to run the same? These 4 locomotives are brand new right out of the box.
    Glenn Koproske
  2. LeonardNichols

    LeonardNichols TrainBoard Supporter

    In my experience with Kato engines, from the GP38-2/GP50 to MP36 and SD70 models, they do run very consistent, I only have one MP36 (Caltrain) and it has a habit of stalling and slipping if you put a large load (a Centerline track cleaner for example) in the consist, running a train of 5 bilevels is not a problem. I would suggest using the exploded drawing provided in the bottom of the Kato box as a guide to disassemble the units. I don't know what disassembling the unit will accomplish Variance in motor speed can not really be addressed by removing them. I would suggest converting to DCC, this will eliminate any issue with varied speeds.
  3. Amtrak90

    Amtrak90 TrainBoard Member

    There was a problem with some mp36's with the worm gear sleeping. If you have noticeable drop off in performance in certain engines send it back to Kato and they'll sort it out for you. They fixed up my VRE real nice.
  4. SASRR

    SASRR TrainBoard Member

    I replaced the trucks on mine as they seemed to have a lot of slip(grinding ) seemed like that took care of it for me.
  5. Primavw

    Primavw TrainBoard Member

    Not an MP36, but during a quick teardown of one of my ACE's, I found a plastic shaving in the worm gears. Ran much better after I removed it.

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