N Kato 1990's Nissan Set

cfritschle Jul 31, 2020

  1. cfritschle

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    Kato has released another 1990's automobile set. This one consists of four 1987-91 Nissan Cedric 4-door sedans, and four 1986-90 Nissan Pulsar 2-door hatchbacks. I have not had the time to measure the models and determine the actual scale, but here are some comparison photos showing the new Kato models with 1:160 scale vehicle models.

    Kato Nissan Cedric with Atlas Fairmont

    Kato Nissan Cedric with Atlas Taurus

    Kato Nissan Pulsar with Herpa Mini

    Kato Nissan Pulsar with Herpa Opel

    Kato Nissan Pulsar with Wiking VW Rabbit

    The Pulsar might be a little large for most hatchbacks, although the Chevy Citation and AMC Eagle were significantly larger than your typical hatchbacks. The Cedirc looks like it might work well for a generic medium to full-size sedan. The cars of course require the modeler to detail them, but they are an inexpensive option for those wanting to add some variety to the automobiles on their layout.

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    That is a cool announcement. They do look closer to 1:150 that true N but with a little care, they would probably make some nice parking lot filler or traffic on a layout.

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