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    40' Standard height (8'6") corrugated side containers; multiple door and front variants from Jacksonville Terminal Company

    MAY 2020 - NEW BODY STYLE - The 40' Standard height (8.6") corrugated side steel containers; Available with multiple door and front variants. These Steel containers span from late 1970's to in service Today(2020), and have been the workhorse of the trade for many years. Only the 40' Steel HC has eclipsed it's numbers. In many countries HC can not be used due to clearance issues, so the 40' standard 8'6' height container is still most popular in many areas.

    The 40' corrugated side standard height container is part of JTC's Series of 40' standard height containers, and we have Tooled 12 different doors and 5 fronts for use in this series. Door types are matched with photos for each scheme, and sometimes schemes can have more than one door type for added variety.

    These Toolings allow JTC to provide prototypically accurate doors which can impact logo & lettering placements. This group starts with the MAY 2020 Releases, and we have hundreds of schemes to cover, which will provide plenty of options for your modeling pleasure and collection.

    40 Std. height corrugated container project variations Collections page;

    Below are the May 2020 release JTC 40 Std. height containers, these have already been shipped to distributors. We have also included some additional information next to each item. This release includes Two Patch schemes. Hope you enjoy our new products! Direct webpage links below.

    APL 405301 Large Logo


    ONE 405313 - 'Cherry Blossom Magenta' color


    COSCO 405311


    MAXU 405319 ex Hyundai patch that you can still see the HYUNDAI under the patch. While the photos look like the patches are different they are the same.


    HAPAG LLOYD 405314 Blue logo with black lettering


    CMA CGM 405306 Rectangle logo


    BEACON 405318 Blue patch


    CAMELLIA LINE 405316


    CHINA SHIPPING 405307 The lettering is fully printed on the corrugations so at different angles it looks like the letters are missing or not depicted in the photo graphs. They are there and can be seen better with the naked eye.


    Additional News:

    The NSC well cars are still in production and we are making progress. These will be brought to market as soon as we receive them, Expected 3Q 2020.

    The NEW JTC 8-55-8 Containers have been packaged and will be received in the coming week(s). Please take the time to see all the details that have gone into creating each unique prototypical container mold. The added features are not just painted on but molded(Tooled) in the correct placement per our photographs. First release is JB Hunt, Schneider, HUB Group, EMP in four numbers each.


    JTC 8-55-8 53' Containers - N scale. HIGH CUBE 8-55-8 corrugated side containers with Magnetic system, and IBC pins. Detailed molded bodies to match prototype schemes.

    53' and 20' Container chassis are in Final Tooling: Expect 3Q.

    THANK YOU for supporting JTC and these highly detailed models. More variety is on the way ...

    Steve & Stan

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