JB Hunt red 'Intermodal' slogan?

Mr. Trainiac Jan 10, 2021

  1. Mr. Trainiac

    Mr. Trainiac TrainBoard Member

    Does anybody know what year this scheme was introduced? On most containers these days, the 'Intermodal' part is green, but I have seen photos of another scheme where the 'Intermodal' is red with a line through it. Is this an older version of the current green version?

    Both Athearn and Walthers make 53' trailers with this scheme on it. The earliest dates I can find on RRPictureArchives are 2010-2011 ish, but I know that that is not always an accurate measure. The trailers are lettered for QMTZ, which is interesting. I thought JB Hunt trailers were JBHZ, while containers were JBHU.

    Here is the Athearn model:
    Athearn JB Hunt.jpg

    This is one of the trailers I saw on RRPictureArchives in the same series:
    JB Hunt Red Intermodal Slogan.jpg
    The original photographer for this image, Mike Berka, has a JB Hunt album on the site with a good amount of research into build dates and number series. Some of these trailers have captions with very early 2000's build dates, but was this the original scheme for the trailer, or was the 'Intermodal' slogan added at a later date?

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