MODELING It's Monday, March 29th 2021: Weekend Modeling Accomplishments

Jim Wiggin Mar 29, 2021

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to Randy, hope you healed up nicely as well. Let's get started.

    Saturday: Went as expected. We had beautiful weather, with full sun, 70 degrees and almost no wind. At 9:30 I got the garage set up and my buddy Steve showed up with the four club corner modules. We are in the middle of fixing these up, mainly from their long time out of service and being in storage. My first task was to remove the worn out fascia. We ended up going with 1/4-inch Baltic Birch ply that will be stained and clear coated as I have found that is more durable then the 1/4-inch hardboard and latex. By the end of the day, we had removed, prepped, sanded, cut and installed the new fascia to all four club corners.
    Steve also tackled track duty as three of the modules suffered damage. So far our new NTrak club is limited to two members but we hope to start the process of becoming a full fledged club by this summer.

    Sunday: Was not a nice weather day. While the sun was out, the wind shifted to the north and the high was 39 degrees. We met up with our friends and went to the Harley Store to dream about the bikes for sale and for me to pick up all the maintenance items I need for my spring annual on my bike. We had lunch and talked about riding this summer then Ang and I headed home. I managed to work on the HO layout a bit, mainly cleaning the track and gluing in ties where needed to fill in gaps. Other than that, a pretty sedate Sunday.

    So how about you? What did you accomplish this weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble once again on Friday, April 2nd to start the process all over again, as well as celebrate Easter. Until then, have a great week, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Hit my goals this weekend:

    1. Got the train room cleaned up.
    2. Put together 5 Bowser peaked-hoppers and got them painted for decaling. These will be dec'd out for the N&W for my brother's layout. Also pulled out the F and C Kit Southern Caboose I am building for the Atlantic and Danville (A&D used to run older Sou Cabooses) and got the first painting done on the parts I've assembled. Got the floor painted black and then weathered. Also got the body painted red as well as the cupola. Plus taped off the tool boxes under the floor and got the fronts painted red. While I was painting hoppers, I pulled out a couple of extra kits I had, added Westerfield peaked ends and got them painted up for C&O decals to add to my own fleet.
  3. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    The weekend went as expected.

    Friday - Received a text message from my Wife: "Do you want a virus vaccination-?" -- I reply: "Sure" -- She replies: "Can you get here -- now-?"
    So, I received my first virus vaccination. (I had been debating with myself on getting one -- I suppose that debate is over- LOL)

    Saturday: Installed (Replaced) new grade crossing planks. Switched out the plastic ones I had made for Blair line units. Much - much better. Then I re-looked at my Key 4-10-2's lead truck. It keeps derailing on curves. Very frustrating. (My minimum radius mainline curves are 20-1/2"- N-Scale). I replaced the stock lead truck with one from a Kato GS-4. Gave it a try -- better, but - still derails.

    Sunday: Stained the above mentioned grade crossing planks. Now - I am really happy with them.
    Then back to the 4-10-2. Messed around with the Kato lead truck. Seams better - however, it was a bit on the warm side (88' F)- so, no bueno on going up to the train room to give her a try. - Next weekend!!

    Hope Y'all had a great weekend!!
  4. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    Well, my weekend is still in progress, as I also have mondays off, but so far I have sorta solved the snap switch wiring problem, it turns out I had a broken wire, which is now fixed, as well as a bad switch controller, so I will switch it out with one for a switch that is within easy reach of the side of the layout. These snap controllers are only temporary, as I'll be installing servos for turnout motors eventually, and using one of Dr. Geoff Bunza's designes as the decoder. I got the eastern lead track to the Arrival and departure tracks laid up to the east switch, Starting in a bit here, I'll be laying the A/D tracks and the west switch and lead -- the roadbed is already down, just need to get track on it -- I'll have the new experience of wiring up an electrofrog switch, so that may prove a challenge. Not much more than that really

  5. Helitac

    Helitac TrainBoard Member

    I didn't get any modelling done, just didn't have the right head for it. I futzed around with AnyRail some and watched a little basketball and F1. Feeling better, maybe I'll have some focus later today. Be Safe all.
  6. Philip H

    Philip H TrainBoard Member

    I had a great time camping with the Cub Scouts. Tired Boys, tired dad, but all in all really good.
  7. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    My weekend went about as planned. The weather was nice here all weekend and I did get some yard work done. And in the train room I worked on these projects.

    Over the years I had accumulated a number of undec Micro-Trains flat cars. This flat car has been finished for some time but needed trailers. So I finished these two undec Micro-Trains trailers, a 40 ft and a 45 ft with Microscale decals and Dulcoat.


    2 of these undec flat cars are being modified to resemble AAR type F226 owned by TTX but in DoD service. These will be for the military equipment train that I am slowly putting together. It's amazing how many decals you can put on a flat car, still not done. These will be for HUMVEES, trucks, and other non-armored vehicles.


    And here is another part of that military equipment train that I finished this weekend. This is one of the M/T 68 ft DODX flat cars with one of their M270 rocket launchers and a M2 Bradley IFV from PnP Trains. I found the etched metal chains that some with the M/T sets to be too fiddley so used some of the Clover House chain.


    So it was a successful weekend but I am still looking forward to the Friday that I can say "We have a show this weekend".
  8. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    I did none of the things that I planned/hoped to do. Friday I got a text from my brother that the windstorm that passed through had brought down several limbs in our mom's front yard (no damage to the house). So, I loaded up some tools, chainsaws, handsaws, ect. and went over in the evening after the wind died down. I spent a couple of hours working at it, stored all of my tools in the garage, then went down to Dad's train room and hauled out a few (more) boxes of magazines.

    I returned Saturday after lunch and was joined by my brother and nephew and, together, we had the yard cleaned up in another hour. After they left, I returned to Dad's basement train empire and hauled out seven more boxes (six boxes of magazines and one of lichen and partially crafted trees). I *think* I have gotten all of Dad's magazines out of my parents' house an into my garage. So, over the next couple of weeks, I will sort through a couple decades of accumulated National Geographic, alumni magazines, Model Railroader, Trains, Model Railroad Craftsman, catalogs, sales flyers, maps, and other things and decide what I worth keeping and what gets recycled. For the most part, the model railroad magazines will be kept for at least a little while but most of the other stuff will hit the recycle bin before it ever comes in the house.

    Sunday we had church, in the church parking lot, in the rain, to celebrate Palm Sunday. As weird (and damp) as it was, it was good to see everyone again. Then, I was called by my district superintendent, and asked to attend an important meeting at another church (45 minutes away) and returned home around 2:30 pm. My wife was mostly just resting, so I had a quick bite to eat and went to the train club for a while where, since I am new, I mostly watch and try to get to know people.

    This week we will record our church Easter service, as well as plan a funeral for Saturday, so my schedule is likely to be full. Hopefully, the weekend after next will allow me more time to do hobby stuff.
  9. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    I did not get as much done as I planned. I got my second covid shot on Thursday and since then I have experienced times when I am flat out exhausted. I would get up, feed the pets, and go back to bed for a few more hours type exhaustion. Yesterday I had a headache most of the day.

    I drove the wife around on Saturday. We stopped at Lowes and Kohl’s to pick up online orders. Lowes was a disaster as it took 45 minutes to get our order at curbside. Made me remember why we do not shop at that Lowes. Kohl’s was a breeze, less than five minutes for our curbside pick-up. Got home and helped my daughter and son work on the new pergola for the front patio. This one replaces the one lost in the hurricane last year.

    Yesterday was a rainy, messy, raw day. I did a few inside chores.

    I did finish weathering the coaling tower. I still need to add track to it but I will do that once I place the tower on the layout.
  10. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Had a decent weekend. Got everything accomplish I had planned except wire management. So hard to get under the layout that I keep putting it off.

    I swapped out a lot of the rolling stock on the layout including the string of MDC/Roundhouse and Athearn 57ft Solid Cold reefers (One with sound) Jim W, if your looking, these are my favorite Roundhouse cars and cool to see a new run will be coming.

  11. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Good weekend! I was able to get the blue point switch machines installed with only a couple minor hiccups. I also was able to finish one of the five. I am in a bit of a slow down as I sit for supplies to come in that I ordered. Sunday I setup another frame and started working on that. I ha e the supplies for that. I now have a deadline to get all these completed by. May 22 I will be hosting a small meet (there are only two of us with modules in the area). Gonna set it all up and run trains for a day.

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  12. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Did errands earlier today. Yesterday, I started getting placement measurements. At this point, the hotel will be a partial model so as to be more faithful to the fire map buildings. What I mean by this is that this part of the module has partial lots due to compression. The smaller area should help due to a smaller build. I think it will be comparable to a robust flat. Next, a diagram of the hotel. All have fun and be safe. (y)
  13. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    IMG_0926.JPG After thinking about redoing my bases for years, FINALLY! Of course a long way to go, but happy to have gotten this far for once, IMG_0921.JPG

    And my now famous ( to me ) Coffee Cup and general shelves :) First picture, up above.

    Some how my text and pictures got swapped! But you get the point.
  14. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Well, I bowled on Friday and it was nothing to write home about, I had 3 7-10 splits on pocket hits, very discouraging.
    I managed to get the masking and painting done on the Boxcar and Covered Hoppers along with more work adding the wire grabs on the H39 Hopper car Saturday, but as my son and his wife came over for the first time since they got married last October, I only spoke with them and worked on their tax return for last year on Sunday.

    Rick Jesionowski
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  15. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    That's great Jim. We have had a lot of success in the Ntrak club that I belong to refurbishing our corner modules. Some were 30 years old and they now seem like "new" modules again.
  16. SLSF Freak

    SLSF Freak Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Did a couple things this weekend on one of my caboose models. Been struggling with how to clip on the railing on the ends of these models and I think I'm close to my final design. The bay window caboose is the version from this weekend. I modified it from the original Auto-Train caboose (left) to represent the caboose in its former time on the FEC. These are "tall" in that when FEC converted their boxcars they didn't cut down the height, presumably since they were bay windows they didn't need to, and Auto-Train needed the extra height to see over their car carriers to they left the height intact.

    Getting close to finishing these designs..

    Cheers! -Mike

    Attached Files:

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  17. rch

    rch TrainBoard Member


    This is it. All my free time this weekend and this is what I have to show for it. I was at home for 15 hours and I know I slept for part of that, so this was the big accomplishment. In fact, I'm still working on them, filling down the shanks a bit after filling the gaps with CA and working them until they operate perfectly. All that should be done by the time I take them back home with me tomorrow.

    If you've never dealt with Sergent couplers you might not know they are a kit consisting of a coupler body, a bottom plate, a knuckle and a 1mm ball bearing. I buy them in bulk and assemble them until I can no longer see straight. This go-round I assembled 29 of them. I think I must have at least 19 cars waiting for couplers back home. Fortunately the installation of the couplers goes much quicker than the assembly.
  18. minesweeper

    minesweeper TrainBoard Member

  19. logging loco

    logging loco TrainBoard Member

    Not much to report after a long weekend.

    I did a little more work on an Intermountain car. I lost one grab iron. I got a little over confident and stopped de-spruing them in a plastic bag. It was there one second, gone the next, like a grab iron rapture!

    I didn't walk the S&NY right of way due to very high winds combined with many dead standing ash trees from the emerald ash borer infestation. While driving a did notice a couple short sections of RoW I've driven past many times before but hadn't noticed. I'm assuming the deep snow this year compacted the leaf cover more than usual making the RoW stand out.

    I did manage to get a few long walks in along the road to rehab my knee.
    Not very productive modeling wise but still a great weekend.
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