MODELING It's Monday, February 15th 2021: Weekend Modeling Accomplishments

Jim Wiggin Feb 15, 2021

  1. mrhedley

    mrhedley TrainBoard Member

    IMG_2425.jpg IMG_2423.jpg Work on the industrial switching section of the layout continues. I'm still working on what will go on the bare space with the kit floor in front of the emulsions tower. The kit floor is from a Brach's Candy Factory which I'm thinking of adding as the corporate office building. I think the kit's footprint is
    too small and I may kitbash two kits together to make it more realistic in size by using leftover parts from the George Roberts Printing kit. Then to add signage and details.
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  2. bigGG1fan

    bigGG1fan TrainBoard Member

    I didn't get any work done, but held a virtual train show for some coworkers who have been following my ambitions. Ran the A-B pair of UP E-8s with sound and a 10 car consist, and the Bachman J with a few UP domes (excursion don'cha know) with sound for an hour.

    It was my son's birthday celebration (#39) so didn't have any plans beyond the VTS. Besides, the basement is a bit chilly right now.

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  3. rch

    rch TrainBoard Member

    I said to myself that I would not bother upgrading another Accurail ACF 4600 covered hopper once the Athearn Genesis model came out, but this photo I took to compare paint colors just stuck with me:


    So I ordered up some new Plano running boards, new roof hatches and decals and started cutting. First to go were the running boards. Next I had to get rid of the giant thick molded grab irons.

    In the past I've done the grab irons three different ways: replace with brass wire, styrene rod or carve them thin with a sharp blade. Carving is tedious, but looks pretty good and is the most durable. So that's what I did. Here's a before-and-after of the two cars after I finished the first one.



    For comparison, here's an older project with the ladder rungs replaced with 0.010" styrene rod:



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