MODELING It's Friday, November 17th, 2023: Weekend Modeling Plans

Jim Wiggin Nov 17, 2023

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back to the gateway to the weekend. It looks like a lot of us were under the weather or taking care of painful muscles. I hope you all recovered from that and are ready for a new weekend. Let's get started.

    Friday: Two live feeds this past week ensures me an early exit from work today. The wife has today off so she can do a deep clean of the house and the dogs. Once I have completed my day of meetings, I plan to help her clean and maybe go into town for some Thanksgiving decorations.

    Saturday: Any modeling will be contained to the morning. I hope to at least cut the last of the 1/8-inch hardboard to finish the fascia of the N scale shadowbox which should complete all the garage work as the rest can be assembled in the layout room. Whatever I don't finish will have to wait until a future weekend. Somewhere around 2:00pm, our son Jared and his girlfriend will be here for a visit and dinner. They moved to Nebraska about 8 months ago so it will be nice to visit and catch up. Our visit will include grandma and the father-in-law so I'm looking forward to this mini reunion.

    Sunday: The Falcon should be ready. It has been a month since my father-in-law and I started the engine overhaul and she is running the best she has ever had, at least since I have owned her. I never tire of taking some old and repairing and upgrading it as it is truly rewarding. If we can get the last bits finished, I'll drive her home. There are still more items that need to be done but the engine overhaul was the biggest. After that depending on what time we get home, I may refocus on the layout and layout room.

    So how about you? What do you have planned for the weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Monday the 20th to see how we all did. Until then, have a great weekend, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Philip H

    Philip H TrainBoard Member

    We head out later this afternoon for our Council's Scouts BSA Winter Camp. 4 days in the woods of intense merit badge work for the kids, and coffee and reading for me. Almost a perfect weekend.

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday everyone! The weekend starts around noon for me today. The wife and I are going to try and go do all our normal weekend errands today if possible.
    Saturday, I'll spend the AM hours drinking coffee, running trains and piddling at the workbench. In the afternoon, I will be cutting up some lumber to make all the parts I need to elevate the layout. Goals are to make it about 12 inches higher permanently but also to raise it temporarily another 8 to 12 inches above that so I can easily do a bunch of much needed rewiring and labeling on the underside of the layout.
    Sunday, I'll do some assembly prep on the parts I cut and remove the two end sections of fascia from the layout. Will be picking up my kid from college Tuesday and he and a friend will help me Wednesday to lift it so I can put all the new permanent and temporary parts in place and then during Christmas break, we'll do the same but lowering back to it's new permanent height. Should be an interesting challenge.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!
  4. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday all. Doorstep to Thanksgiving week!

    This weekend will be more of the same. Emphasis both Saturday and Sunday will be scenery tasks around various places. Items "anticipated" to be worked on will be:
    • Stone spill walls around oil tanks at the Afton Fuel and Oil facility.
    • Finishing some of the over 400 puff ball trees I have made over the last month. Maybe get some on the layout.
    • Scenery around the SL cabin site.
    • Some ground scenery around the tracks at Monterrey
    • Weathering some more mainline track w/ powdered pastels.
    That's an ambitious list considering tomorrow afternoon I'll knock off at 3:30PM to watch NC State and Virginia Tech play football. While I miss tailgating when the Wolfpack plays "away" games, it usually gives me a chance to do some modeling plus watch a game, so I can't complain about that. Also have a side task to get a jump on Christmas decorating since we have these "get togethers" coming up starting in early December.

    Have a great and peaceful weekend all.
  5. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy TGIF to Y'all

    It is supposed to be a rainy Saturday here in SoCal... so, I plan on spending most of the weekend up in my train room. What will I work on - ? That is yet to be determined. I have some ideas - but, we'll see

    Report on Monday

    Y'all have a great weekend,
  6. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    I have been taking it easy this past week due to some pain in my hip. I have been staying away from any heavy lifting unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, that has meant that not much has gotten done around the house or with modeling. This could affect what I do for the weekend.

    We have a bunch of outdoor stuff to do this weekend such as begin to take the outdoor furniture and put away in the garage, clean out the garage, move the potted plants to their indoor winter locations, cover and put the heater in the pond. Inside there is laundry to catch up on and some cleaning to do. A run to the produce store, grocery store, and pharmacy are also needed.

    I finally bought some boxes to use to put away several locomotives that no longer fit in the boxes they came in such as several steam locomotives that once you connect the tenders. I don’t like disconnecting the wires from the tender to the locomotives to store them. There are a couple that I do not have the original boxes. I have some cars I can tune up. I want to start on the Ashmore Hotel kit. Maybe run some trains.
  7. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Good morning from cloudy, cool and rainy Northeast Ohio!

    Friday, hopefully will get some painting done that I have put off while recovering from the cold I had, but I have to get the financial report for the Club Monthly train meeting since I can't make the meeting on Saturday, then I have an executive board meeting for the bowling association and finally bowling later tonight. Also need to rehang a painting my wife knocked down while trying to get something behind the couch.

    Saturday, I will miss the monthly train club meeting as I am taking the wife for an MRI on her knee that she fell on, (Yesterday I spent 2 hours getting an ultrasound done on my varicose veins so I can have a discussion with the vascular surgeon next month). Later in the day I will get some more painting done and also continue work on another Sam Rea Covered Hopper kit.

    Sunday, laundry and then some more modeling work.

    Rick Jesionowski
  8. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    It is a beautiful but cloudy day. We have done our Thanksgiving grocery shopping, (3 trips). I am sorta free and clear for the weekend.
    • Priority: More 'Anti-Gravity Fencing' I can't believe it but I almost send my best 3 cars off the end of a spur to their death dive.
    • Stay out of the wife's way.
    • Contact vendor about returning defective #6 Kato turnout.
    • Paint Touch up on 'Power Mountain'
    • More paint of/on 'Simple Bridge'
    • Let paint dry *then* run trains
    • Write up how I built simple bridge.
    • Go for long walk in fall air.
    • Run Trains
    • Priority: Write Up 'Using Cooking Skewers with Foam Construction'
    • Stay out of kitchen wile step-daughter prepares birthday dinner for her mom (my wife).
    • Select Various small boxes / cans for use as 'place holders' / future structures and paint them white.
    • Go for walk if time permits
    • Run trains
    • Birthday Dinner - Well, there goes the evening.
    • Priority - Not sure
    • Find small projects to do
    • Go for a walk
    Enjoy your days,

    Edit/Addendum: Maybe I'll lissten to the Virginia State vs NC game. ☻
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  9. Atani

    Atani TrainBoard Member

    Well, this weekend it is supposed to be raining today / tomorrow so likely not a lot of work will get done on the new layout build until Sunday unless the weather cooperates for a bit. For the layout build it is mostly going to involve continued breakdown of 3/4in ply into strips and C shapes, then assembling the C shapes into a couple dual level modules (aiming for two four foot modules).

    If the weather doesn't cooperate much I'll be assembling PCBs for throttles and a command station. I need to get these done soon so I can complete testing before packing them up for Amherst in Jan.
  10. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning everyone,

    It's supposed to be rainy here today and Saturday then clear on Sunday. If that holds my wife and I are going to take a drive on Sunday to visit a trolley museum that we have never been to. Planning a quiet Thanksgiving here just the two of us and everything is all ready for that.

    I doubt the handrail paint I ordered will arrive until next week so I am working on the hillside at the eastern end of the layout. Also am trying to solve a problem I am experiencing with the control circuit for the WP staging yard.

    Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.
  11. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Great to have family home. :love: Coffee and reading in the woods. :love: Yep. Height changes are interesting. :unsure: Puffball trees coming! :p Most of the weekend in the train room sounds great! :cool: Hip pain sounds like a slow go to recovery. :( Oooh. Covered hopper! :love: Walking is great exercise! ;) Amherst bound! :) Trolley museum adventure bound! :love: I actually got in solid build time this past week. (y) Keyboard went out so that was an extra trip. :oops: Happy to say all glazing is installed as well as doors. :p Next should be attaching walls to floors. (Accidental poet. :whistle:) Saturday there are two business hosted open houses. Sunday should see some project time unless it doesn't. :rolleyes: Have a great Fall weekend. :D
  12. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    Saturday I’ve got a few errands to run, to include finalizing a purchase of a pistol. I’m missed the opportunity to buy our class pistol when I graduated college, but a classmate reached out last month and put me in touch with someone who was looking to sell, so I’m pretty excited about that.

    Sunday I think I’ll drink some coffee and evaluate what exactly I need to do next on the layout, as all of my plans for the last couple of months got derailed.

    Somewhere in there I’m going to buy the necessary ingredients for our Thanksgiving dinner.

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  13. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    well...the track is laid, so my most favorite thing ever, wiring
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  14. jhn_plsn

    jhn_plsn TrainBoard Supporter

    Piddle, piddle, piddle. No solid plans, but I do have a hit list I can check off as I progress. Progress. That would be nice. Progress to me will be when I can at least run a local from the yard and back.
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  15. Mike VE2TRV

    Mike VE2TRV TrainBoard Member

    I may have found the solution to the mismatched underframe to the NKP boxcar body. There is a 52 mil difference in width between them, the wider being the car body.


    Adding 26 or so mils to the inside of both body sides would reduce the clearance just enough for the underframe to actually touch the boxcar body and hold in better. I have some strip styrene in a box in my "storage area" - under the layout :whistle: - so I'll use that to make the shims.

    Testing will see if the underframe still slides out, though I suspect it won't be as easily as it is now.
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