MODELING It's Friday, July 22nd, 2022: Weekend Modeling Plans

Jim Wiggin Jul 22, 2022

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone to the gateway to the weekend. I hope you all had a good week and are ready to discuss your weekend modeling plans. Let's get started.

    Saturday: With lumber prices in my area at a more reasonable rate, I've decided the only way I will be happy with that corner section of the room will be to frame up two walls. So, I'll be salvaging the plywood for another project and setting my brackets aside. My Father-in-law is coming over to help with the project and our goal is to frame up the two walls with 2X3 studs, relocate the light switch and four-way electrical outlet, cover the walls with paneling and cover that part of the celling with white paneling. This should give me a clean slate in which to build from. It will also allow some addition of track lighting for both the studio and layout. With any luck, module work can start in August.

    Sunday: We are heading up north to have Angela's station wagon repaired and to visit her grandma. We'll be leaving the car in the area, so we'll drive the Mustang home, finally out of winter storage. Better late than never! Anything other than visiting and enjoying the Mustang will be spent on working on the studio / layout.

    So how about you? What do you have planned for the weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Monday the 25th to see how we all did. Until then, have a great weekend, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday and weekend all. Hope everyone stays "cool"

    This weekend I have many little tasks I'd like to tackle. Decaling, finishing a shed on the roof of one my buildings, cleaning up the layout room, working on a few engines I have in the workshop cabinets, finishing the grain elevator, and sprucing up some more scenery. The big thing I'd like to do is "start" another backdrop flat for extending Albemarle City. No way I will get to all of this, but since I can knock off early this afternoon (semi retirement has advantages), I may start tinkering with thissa and thatta which will get me through the weekend.

    The only "definite" plan I have is probably a cool, crushed-ice mint julep w/ Makers at cocktail hour while grilling. Hope everyone has a very peaceful weekend with modeling and family. Stay chilled in the heat.
  3. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Friday to Y'all

    Saturday: I plan on painting 14 gondolas and 3 stock cars

    Sunday: Start decaling - ? (If Saturday's paint goes as planned)

    That's about it -- and, yeah - staying cool. It's supposed to be in the lower to mid 80's - so, shouldn't be a problem

    Y'all have a great weekend,
  4. Philip H

    Philip H TrainBoard Member

    Having just returned from the annual summer trip to WI to see the in-laws, I have a myriad of non-train projects awaiting me, most notably the very high grass. Then the continuation of the 1:1 fence scratch build, and a few other routine home maintenance chores.

    While gone a few previously ordered projects arrived, so if there's time I have new things to dive in to. Though that would require actually cleaning the layout . . . . .
  5. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning all,

    Two of the three track connections between the new sections of the layout are done so I will be working on finishing the third one which includes a turnout. After that it will be painting all three track connections and may ballast if time allows. Also continuation of outdoor projects.
  6. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, I have given up finding those missing buildings. So, Thoughts in mind include a bit of scenery planning. Digging out my blue foam board supplies from storage. I have an eye on a couple of N scale building kits, and also on an HOn30 car kit. And probably spending some time creating a couple of new photo pages, Amtrak and Burlington Northern, for my web site.
  7. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    Just got back from my Cardiac Rehab session. On Wednesday they increased the time and difficulty on all my excercises.

    Tonight will start decalling some cars I painted during the week.

    Tomorrow I will be attending the first DT&I modelers meeting in five years. It will be nice to meet again with some great people and modelers. The meet will be in Springfield OH.

    Sunday will be resting up and doing the laundry may get some more decalling done along with cleaning up the work bench.

    Rick Jesionowski

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Going to do my impersonation of the Snowman heading eastbound across Ole Miss and Alabama to Atlanta this evening and it looks like I will get some free time this weekend to run trains and do a little something to the layout. Just what is yet to be determined. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! :)
  9. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 TrainBoard Member

    Planning to get a couple of projects closer to completion and maybe bring for the RPM meet. Not sure I will get them to the weathering state. For example this guy has only one side decaled, and needs some work on the side that was started. 06-FRISCO-gon-decals-sm.JPG

    I have some custom decals coming from Bill Brillinger at Precision Design Co., to make a K-C.F-S.&M 34-ft car like this (postcard I bought from eBay):


    Not sure the supplies will arrive by tomorrow's mail...maybe early next week.

    Also, trying out this wi-fi accessory for my portable Digitrax controller, to use when testing modules or sets of modules.


    Always plenty of projects....oh well,

    Have a great weekend All,

    -Bob T.
  10. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    Currently posting live from North Central Alabama. (y) The internet tech left just minutes ago. The lawn service hedge trimmer person managed to sever the internet cable. :eek: Been offline two and a half days. :confused: Anyway, people here are moving past storm damage and sadly, tragedy. Heat continues. (There is a breeze though. :) ) Looks like much going on. Projects moving along. (Frisco rules! :whistle:) The has definitely driven me inside for now. (y) I have literally gone back to the drawing board. Currently, making a four-view diagram at 2:1 ratio to try to "get it right". :cool: Have a great weekend. :D
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  11. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    Going to be a layed back weekend. Yesterday I think I finished clearing things out and making a return to the storage for a 2x4 folding table.
    Went for a short walk around neighborhood with my biggest cane, ward off the neighbors PET dogs. Took a senior nap and woke to 86 degrees in the apartment.
    So I think it will be a lazy one. Best wishes to all.
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  12. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    I picked up some paint supplies at lunch Friday, so the focus this weekend will be on finishing 2 of the heritage locomotives I started last weekend. The decals for the Algoma Central still haven’t arrived, but I can weather the FRV and GBW ones and those will be complete.

    After that, I’d like to tackle the string of 100 ton Greenville hoppers. Or I might try and fix a couple of imperfections on the repainted Metra coaches I finished recently.

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  13. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Continuing to work on my tunnel portal placements, retaining walls, etc. Each one is unique, so it takes some time to do it right. Each one is a separate assembly so that I can take them all outside and airbrush them in concrete color.

    Weather much too hot and humid to railfan.
  14. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member

    I am undecided what to do this weekend. Still not back "in the groove" after the convention break. Spent the morning on a five-mile hike with Sharon's aunt followed by lunch. I spent the week one-on-one with an old Windows tablet. That stalemate has been set aside awaiting parts.

    There are several candidates for my attention.

    UP 2295 Mikado
    The test loop
    NP coaches and baggage car
    Polar Express, book and movie versions
    T-Trak modules

    I think I will start with cleaning up the workspace and see what grabs me.

    Sunday is a birthday party for my niece's daughter. There will be cake!

    Stay safe,
  15. logging loco

    logging loco TrainBoard Supporter

    Funny how that happens Rick.

    I'm going to spend a few hours outside each morning just after dawn digging out a stump.

    When it gets too hot out I'll head to the cellar and work on a couple trash totes I'm converting into flow through worm bins.

    After dinner I plan on working on the layout. I haven't touched it for a couple weeks. I still have to finish roads and sidewalks on the business district.
  16. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    With the heat this weekend I doubt anything will get done outside other than watering the plants. Inside there is the never ending laundry. I am sure there are few other projects. Having two days of concrete pours and being out in the heat for six plus hours each day I will be spending some time this weekend recovering.

    I still have a bunch of rolling stock to tune up. I also have a couple of new locomotives I need to test.
  17. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    My plans for this weekend is to continue installing plywood subroadbed on the upper level. I also want to get the lift out section fitted in its slot and hinges mounted.

    Also, I have three hoppers from Three Notch Customs that I’d like to assemble as well. [​IMG]

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  18. Pastor John

    Pastor John TrainBoard Member

    I did a few things today (Friday), but not much.

    Saturday, I hope to go to my parents ' house, work at matching Dad's n-scale rolling stock to crystal cases for a few hours, and bring back the pile of accumulated metal scrap that my siblings have been piling up as we sort through things. If I get done early enough, I may also take that scrap, plus my pile, and several bags of aluminum cans to the scrap yard. Hopefully, I'll also finish stripping and sanding my milk can and get the first coat of primer on it. I also need to stop at Kohl's to return the cell phone part I didn't use last week to Amazon.

    Sunday, I'll be up early for church, then train club, and maybe another project before my wife gets home from a girls weekend out with our daughter. Today they were ziplining underground and tomorrow is supposed to include cave kayaking.

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  19. dualgauge

    dualgauge TrainBoard Member

    No modeling this weekend. Will be at train swap at Van Wert OH both days. Will be with NEINS layout.
  20. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    I had planned on laying more track and learning how to make land forms on the digital layout today (saturday) but a surprise call call from my brother and sister in law had dad and I going to meet them for dinner -- we just got home (mom too sick to go) I may fool with it for a little bit this evening , but its getting on to bedtime -- tomorrow is F1 Race, Church, Lunch, NASCAR race, and making home made pizza -- in between, some iRacing and digital layout building -- gonna be a full weekend

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