MODELING It's Friday, July 15th, 2022: Weekend Modeling Plans

Jim Wiggin Jul 15, 2022

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome back everyone and welcome to the gateway to the weekend. Hard to believe that July is half over. Looks like a lot of you have been busy in the train room and that is always a good sign. Let's hope our fellow members continue to heal from surgeries and incidents and let's see what we have going on this weekend.

    Saturday: I'm planning on leaving work early today and hitching Jess, my railfan Jeep to the 8X10 box trailer and heading to the lumbar store. Phase 1 of my studio/layout will start on Saturday. I'm basically going to sheet the two corner walls with plywood and anchor them to the old plaster walls with large wall anchors. With that accomplished I will work on the 6 brackets that will hold two 48-inch long by 18-inch-wide modules plus the corner module. This time I plan to finish sand and stain my brackets for a finished look even though most of them will be concealed by fascia and a curtain. Not a lot of work but the moving of things, measuring, cutting and going from the garage to upstairs takes up a bit of time.

    Sunday: We are supposed to have a car show in one of the nearby towns however, the forecast for Sunday doesn't look good so depending on what the weekend weather brings may depend on what day I work on my studio project. I may end up doing outdoor things Saturday and the indoor things on Sunday. We'll see.

    So how about you? What do you have planned for the weekend? Let us know. We'll assemble again on Monday the 18th to see how we all did. Until then, have a great weekend, be safe, stay healthy and as always...

    High Greens!
  2. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    I have recently started Digital model railroading (or could be called sim model railroading) using a game called Rolling line -- right now Im learning the program and getting the layout started -- so I plan to spend a lot of time this weekend working on that -- the layout is going to be fairly large -- 100x100 feet on 2 levels

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  3. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning. There will be model railroading this weekend. I've had a busy week and haven't really focused what I will do either in the layout room or workshop. Something will happen, don't know what. Just another one of those weekends where what gets done will be dictated by the early AM coffee wandering around the layout tomorrow morning.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  4. SP-Wolf

    SP-Wolf TrainBoard Supporter

    Good mornin and Happy Friday to Y'all

    Saturday: A close friend is having an ops session on his NYO&W layout -- looking forward to this.

    Sunday: Start of a new project. I think, I'll get started on another long over due project - an SP beet train -- I have approx 20 - 25 beet gons in various states of completion. I'll dig 'em out and get to work.

    Y'all have a great weekend -- stay cool
  5. Tompm

    Tompm TrainBoard Supporter

    I am hoping to get the shower soap dish reattached over the weekend. There are also some rugs that need to be shampooed and a few other cleaning chores around the house. Depending on my how my back and shoulder feels there is some gardening to be done.

    Maybe I can finally working on tuning p the large collection of rolling stock that is sitting out. There is a train show in town this weekend but I am not sure I can make it.
  6. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Good morning all,

    My plans for the layout this weekend include reinstalling the track on the lift bridge to connect it to the recently installed layout section. During the times I will be waiting for the glue to dry on the cork road bed or the track I will be mounting the 8 ft Carlin section into the layout. I am finding that with the air conditioner in the train room now I am spending more time out there in the summer months than I had in the past and am getting more done.

    On Saturday I plan to attend a European train show being held at an aviation museum about 20 miles from home. I don't model European but do enjoy their layouts and I know some of the guys who will be there so it should be fun.

    Of course there will be the usual quota of house / yard work and projects to attend to through the weekend.

    Everyone stay safe, stay cool, and have fun !
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  7. Carl Sowell

    Carl Sowell TrainBoard Supporter

    My plans are :

    1st and foremost:

    Continue helping my wife with her back surgery re-hab. Today 7/15 is one month from her 2nd surgery. She went through 9 hrs., 2 days, surgery to repair her back. her re-hab is going well and best of all NO PAIN in her back. I'm sure she would say that I am a pain in her backside, but that's another story.

    I shall continue with my EM-1/cabforward bash project. Tender is completed and I have mounted the boiler shell, ESU LP decoder, and monkey deck back on. I might even complete the whole thing by getting cab mounted.

    Outside will have to wait as it is running 100+ right now in El Paso. This refrigerated house is just perfect.

    Be well !!
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  8. Mark St Clair

    Mark St Clair TrainBoard Member

    Another weekend finds me away from the tools and materials. There will be some "idle" time among the family duties. I should be able to use that time to research the T-Trak specifications. When I am back home on Sunday, I will paw through the accumulated stuff to see if I have everything needed get started on a pair of singles. Next steps are dependent on what I find.

    Stay safe,
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  9. Kisatchie

    Kisatchie TrainBoard Member

    I have Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to accomplish something... I'm REALLY going to try to assemble a couple/few Walthers Cornerstone kits. For true!

    Hmm... I gotta hand it to
    Kiz... he did finish the Wal-
    thers Suburban Station
    kit the other day... Maybe
    there's hope for him...
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  10. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    I start off the weekend with my tri-weekly visit to the cardiac rehab facility and using the treadmill, excercise bike and recumbent bicycle. I hope to get a couple of completed freight cars painted today.

    Saturday: A trip to the club for conversation and to run trains, then in the evening some time to decal and decide on the next thing to build.

    Sunday, will be doing laundry and have a couple of freight cars to paint along with the first color on a diesel locomotive.

    Rick Jesionowski
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  11. Daves_Trains

    Daves_Trains TrainBoard Member

    Today is yard work since it is the first day in many that the temps are below 100! Since moving to N scale this year I hope to start a scratch build of a station I built in HO. The station is from an article about the Colton station in Southern California. I didn't have the space for the completed structure and gave it to a fellow modeler. My hopes are to build it in N scale for a T-trak module.

    Colton Station HO.jpg
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  12. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    I'll just continue what I've been doing for a while. I'm done selling off unneeded items and yesterday made another donation to a Christian Retailer. Along with paying off accumulated debts. Only an electric bicycle and bus for transport so can't go far enough to get to train sellers so stuck to mail order when I can.
    Hopefully before Christmas.
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  13. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 TrainBoard Member

    I have several cars to get decals upon (resin kit, some Bitter Creek Boxcars), and a trestle to finish installing and clean up of surrounding scenery.



    Looks like another hot one, so planning to stay inside and work on some modeling.

    Hope All have a great weekend,

    -Bob T.
  14. Kisatchie

    Kisatchie TrainBoard Member

    Well, I couldn't find a couple of my Walthers kits that I thought might be easy to assemble, so I dug out an old Lifelike Police station kit. I got about half of it assembled while watching a few baseball games. I'll try to do more tomorrow. Baseball is my favorite sport, a BIG distraction.
  15. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    Saturday-I’ll work on my Metra stuff. I got a couple of detail parts for my build of METX 11, a GP23. And I’d like to finish up a couple of old Concor coaches that I was trying to install lighting in.

    Sunday-I’ll work on the Wisconsin Central stuff. I’ve got 3x GEVOs that are going to become my reborn WC’s heritage fleet-Algoma Central, Fox Valley, and Green Bay & Western. Here is the before picture: [​IMG]
    This will take me awhile, so I’ll post progress in my WC Waukesha Sub thread.

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  16. gmorider

    gmorider TrainBoard Member

    A lot of ambition showing here. Pics are cool. I am on here a day late at a public library due to home computer not pulling up websites. Including this one. :oops: Not very much done due to Friday commitment. I did get the left rear fender installed on the Olds. I don't like it. :(:confused: It will have to come off. :mad: Back to the drawing board. :cool: I made a work piece former that was only partially successful. :sick: So, I will continue the effort. (y) Everyone stay as cool as possible and have fun. :D
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  17. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Pictures? Video? Would love to see this layout, and even in action!
  18. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    I am assuming this is Joel's NYO&W layout ? I have seen that layout years ago and yes, it's quite well done. So yes Wolf, photos please.
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  19. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Finished all the track work on my four module T-Trak mini-empire. Ran my first train around the outer loops a couple of days ago. Will be checking the other tracks to be certain all electrical connections are doing their jobs. From there, time to start a bit of scenery. Or should I continue searching for a missing favorite depot model. Anyone know where I put that darned thing?
  20. Kisatchie

    Kisatchie TrainBoard Member

    I finally finished the n scale Lifelike police station. It came out okay IMO.

    Now on to a Walthers Cornerstone kit... George Roberts Printing... uh oh, wait a minute... Ahhhh, the brick walls have to be painted!!!

    Hmm... that threw a Great
    Ape wrench into Kiz's plans...

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