Is That All There Is?

Inkaneer Aug 31, 2015

  1. mtntrainman

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  2. Traindork

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    I have no clue what y'all talking about, I'm under 50....
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  3. r_i_straw

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    Kato announce that they will be bringing out a new diesel. The Ingalls 4-s in GM&O, C&O, Boston & Maine, BC Rail, Camden & Amboy, Stockton & Darlington and of course Santa Fe.

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  4. ScaleCraft

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    And the cab windows off a Class 37?
  5. BoxcabE50

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    I'll take 13, a bakers dozen worth. :) Ha ha ha..............
  6. steamghost

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    1. Are they doing the upside-down version on the first run?
    2. They'd better be using the correct prototype shade of black for the trucks.
    3. It wasn't announced but it'd better come DCC and with sound. If it doesn't cost less than $30 street price, it's a deal breaker for me.
    4. I hope they get that rear-mounted light stanchion right (see photo above). The last engine they made had one that was 2" too wide.
    5. The manufacturer is no good because mine makes a lot of noise and stalls on curves, and they haven't even made it yet.
    6. It's not the correct version for GM&O.
  7. mtntrainman

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  8. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    I'm under 40 and I got it
  9. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author TrainBoard Member

    As long as we're off the rails (pun intended) on this anyway... it would be interesting to guess on the over/under on how many N Scalers really do not "NEED" another thing in order to continue with their current construction and/or operation. I would be in that bunch, although that doesn't prevent the occasional purchase... but my guess on the over/under is 49.5%. In other words, all N Scale providers could go out of business tomorrow and half of us could get by.
  10. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    Human nature. There seems to be a subconscious need to get more stuff. You can never have enough. And if it is something new and cool, it is even better. It takes great self discipline to be satisfied with what you already have. Limited space and resources help, but if something you always wanted comes up, you can always sell the family car, the house and maybe the spouse. I want to have it all, and then some more. ;)
  11. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    I don't "need" anything else , but I do have a couple steamers coming . At this point I only buy what I really want . This year has been really good for us steam guys ......
  12. OleSmokey

    OleSmokey TrainBoard Member

    Yep. Now if the Shays get here......:unsure:
  13. ScaleCraft

    ScaleCraft TrainBoard Member

    I passed that point many years ago. I don't need anything.
    What I get is usually free, given to me, boxes of Lionel (some worth quite a bit), boxes of 2-rail 0 prewar stuff I do like, computers, OS discs with licenses, BIG monitors, flat screen TV, far more than I could ask or want.
    I am sitting here on this computer, using a computer given to me, a wheeled mouse given to me, a 24" wide flat screen given to me...the only thing I bought was a lit keyboard.
    Other side is another computer given to me with mouse and keyboard..connected to the same monitor.
    The display cases beside me are full of Half Zero locos of significance to me...all free (well, one John A. English Yardbird I paid five bucks for), all restored, some in the family for over 65 years.
    Heck, I do sound in a all the repairs, training, sometimes sit at the desk, and when I started repairing the damage from the clueless a year and 9 months ago, main sound board was dead...we dragged the backup Mackie 32/8 great, but no backup. Mentioned it to someone I know, he asked if I wanted a Mackie 32/8 board.....and it was free.
    Train cars, I won't ever buy something when it first comes out. Let others sort the issues out, then get one...usually second hand..that way the PRC gets nothing from me.
    In fact, my "new" car is a 1964. Two others are 1950.
    I am still amazed, given the QC track record, that folks actually line up to buy new PRC stuff from any manufacturer/importer.
    Electronics. Wiring. Split axle gears. Driveshafts. The list goes on and on.
    If I needed another loco in oh, Half 0, I posted it on the Half 0 forum...a 1949 Varney Super Mikado.
    Not some new hairball unit for $300-$400 with electronics I'd get to rip out anyway and then worry about gears later.
    I know...I have Attitudinal Deficiencies.
  14. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

    Many of us are looking for some specific models or road names from the major model companies.
    If we get news of a model we have been waiting for... we are satisfied for the next few months.
    If no news is received for items we have been waiting for... it seems as 'nothing' has been announced.
    It's just the perception based on the few announcements we usually get from time to time.

    for instance... for me... there haven't been any recent announcements.
    The last announcement my mind has noted is the second run of Atlas S-2 switchers which will have 3 D&RGW road numbers.
    So... there hasn't been any Kato announcements... because there was no new Northern Pacific NCL set announced.
    Intermountain Railway's last announcement... as far as I'm concerned... was the Northern Pacific F3' and some passenger cars about a year ago.
    Nothing else is 'registering' as an announcement.
  15. Puddington

    Puddington Passed away May 21, 2016 In Memoriam

    It seems that many modellers divide product announcements into two categories; Major announcements (A new locomotive, specifically a well known locomotive or a multi piece passenger train) and "Oh ya, company "x" is making a "y" but it's not the locomotive I desire".

    There is a constant stream of N scale products being brought to the market; Micro Trains has multiple new cars each month, Atlas brings out multiple items a quarter and even gives you a heads up months before. Intermountain announces new runs monthly and many smaller firms regularly bring out new products. Trainworx with their awesome trucks and trailers, WOT has a new horse express car, BLMA has a new tank car coming, even my company, Rapido just announced a 73' lightweight baggage express car with optional end doors and three different truck options including a new tri axle truck.

    There are lots of new products coming to market, just not as many "monster" announcements as some would like.....
  16. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member


    That is true in my case and probably a lot of others. There are a few specific items that I would like but I am at the tipping point between keeping what I have and selling off that which I have either lost interest in or have too much of.
  17. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    Pud...then there was my thought about the Rapido GMD1 announcement...what a great loco for the Canadians, too bad the SP never had any
  18. Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis TrainBoard Member

    I've spent more on new releases in the last year or two than ever in my life. If stuff was coming out any faster, I'd be bankrupt. I am kinda looking forward to a more laid back year coming up.

    Several of the "blockbusters" like the K4 pass me right by- I don't need one. And I don't really need much. Will probably buy 1 or 2 of the Rapido CN baggage cars, and a couple of the MT mail baggage when they come out undec. But otherwise, there is not a whole lot coming from major manufacturers that I really want/need. What would I want to see? Seriously, if I could pick 3 products, they would be- M&R models (Roberto Martari) getting enough time off his regular job to complete the 6-1-4 Tribe sleeper sides, Kato to release their modernized ATSF F-3 shells as a separate part, and some talented resin or cast metal molder to bring out a boiler and details for a GTW U-3 4-8-4 to fit an existing frame and drivers. If a major manufacturer brings out a 1937 Budd Super Chief, I'm in, but otherwise "the latest passenger train" won't make much difference to me.
  19. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    Now there is one I would have to get. Right now I have a back log of M&R sides to build three variations of Santa Fe heavyweight chair cars, (chair, chair/smoker, divided chair). Also a bunch of ATSF heavyweight baggage, RPO and horse cars are waiting to be built with his sides.
  20. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

    A few days ago I received an email notification from Kato.
    The email was primarily about their new ACS-64 and Amfleet Ph I Coach and Café cars.

    However... in the middle of that announcement there was a comment about the Re-Release
    of the Silver Streak Zephyr bookcase set. It was not clear as to whether it is the SAME set
    previously released with the same locomotive number/names and passenger car names.
    I'm 'guessing' that it will be the 'exact' same set as previously released... but... it would have been
    nice if they a bit more clear... (yes re-release... is typically the same item previously released).
    The link on the email goes back to the Kato website which shows the 2012 release of this set.
    Since it doesn't have any NEW information on the link... the only thing I can derive from that is
    there are NO NEW locomotives numbers/names NOR new passenger car names.

    If anyone knows to the contrary... please apprise us of any new information!

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