Is 3'6" Narrow Gauge?

alister Apr 23, 2006

  1. Wab794

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    NZR Modeling

    I have just started into NZR Sn3.5. All steam so far. I am not really a great fan of deisel.I am in the prossess putting together 2 Ab class locos. I have farmed out a Ja & a Kb. I have a C class in the box as yet.I have also underway 60class Australian garret and a GMA/M South African garret. Just thought you might be interested. Will post pics later.
  2. fsm1000

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    I use to do HOn30 but went to On30 because I find it easier to handle etc.
    And yes anything under 4 feet 8.5 inches is narrow gauge. :)
  3. BoxcabE50

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    My days in N scale are winding down. Sight and dexterity are not what they were. I've long admired HOn30. But must go larger. With hands not as functional any more, I need to go with more RTR items.

    Am hearing that Bachmann may be doing Maine 2 foot style cars to go with their forthcoming Forney. Oh boy!


    Boxcab E50

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