Interested in TTn3/TT9/NZ120: What is the procedure?

caxu Sep 26, 2017

  1. caxu

    caxu TrainBoard Member

    Hello, if I were interested in converting a TT train/rolling stock to narrow gauge - which in this case would be N scale track - what is the procedure for doing so?

    Is it as simple as buying new wheels or trucks? Or is it more complex than this?
  2. tracktoo

    tracktoo TrainBoard Member

    A lot of narrow gauge rolling stock as well as locos were not just narrower gauge but scaled down in most all dimensions. That said, there are examples where some stuff was just re-gauged but they tended to be the exception.

    An example of this size disparity in the N to Nn3 narrow gauge utilizing Z track would be some of the Nn3 stuff which is N scale but the Micro-Trains Nn3 versions utilize some of the Z scale cars without modification because they were dimensionally close enough to actual narrow gauge prototypes. Others where the prototype really is different were made specifically for Nn3 but were still closer in physical size to Z scale stuff than standard gauge. Hope that helps. And re-gauging locos is seldom as easy as it might appear at a glance.
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