Inland Terminal S Gauge Club Seeks Members (So. Calif.)

thecitrusbelt May 21, 2013

  1. thecitrusbelt

    thecitrusbelt TrainBoard Member

    The Inland Terminal Model Railroad Club in Lawndale, CA, is seeking new members.

    The S scale club is housed in a club-owned 20 foot by 40 foot building and operates 2,000 feet of continuous run standard gauge mainline featuring a three-level helix. Also featured is a variety of equipment, including converted American Flyer. The layout was started in the 1950s as a freelance design.

    Once a classical configuration with two dispatch/operator stations the layout today uses wireless walk-around cabs for locomotive control. Track and turnouts are hand laid with mostly Code 100 rail to reflect the scale nature of the layout. In addition there is a 150 foot Sn3 single mainline and yard under construction.

    This club will be featured on the layout tour of the Thirty-third National Narrow Gauge Convention this coming August.

    The club is open on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If you would like to attend, please contact either Reggie Cunningham (310-717-0130) or James McAuliffe (714-412-5093) to verify that the club is open.

    The Inland Terminal Model Railroad Club is located at 4734 West 152nd Street in Lawndale. Parking is available on the street or across Inglewood Avenue in the shopping center parking lot. Here is a map link:

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    Bob Chaparro
    Model Railroads of Southern California
  2. BoxcabE50

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    I am far away, but curiosity has me wondering- Are there photos of their layout on-line, somewhere? Or do they have a web site?
  3. ScaleCraft

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    About a mile and a half from where I lived until 1955 or so. I still remember the address...and that if you looked north from the edge of the property, two city blocks north was the south parking lot of Northrup.
    I still remember the address....13231 Doty. Crimeny, that was a long time ago. Lockeed Constellations, rumbling B-36's....

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