1. virtual-bird

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    Anyone seen one of these CON-COR ktis. they are HO, but I want one in N!!!!!

    An Old Classic Returns

    Firetrucks roar from the station with bells clanging, lights
    flashing, and sirens blaring! As plumes of smoke and
    flames billow into the sky. Experience the heat, smoke
    and exhilaration faced by fire fighters everyday with the
    latest structure exclusively from Con-Cor. Add that extra
    touch of excitement and drama to your layout with this
    truly realistic accessory.

    Press a button and the house appears to burst into flames,
    while real smoke billows from the charred roof. The
    fireman sprays real water to extinguish the simulated
    flames! Our new remote controlled unit comes fully
    assembled and decorated*. Complete with motor,
    pumps, lights, smokes generator, and a tube of smoke oil.
    All you need do is hook it up and add water.

  2. Robin Matthysen

    Robin Matthysen Passed Away October 17, 2005 In Memoriam

    Looks like fun. [​IMG] I want one for the M.A.T. but have to wait and see if it will come in N scale.
  3. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Didn't there used to be a burned out building available in N some time ago? I had one in HO when I was younger, and it still exists on my grandfathers railroad. (he's near 100 and still building onto his HO layout!)
  4. BC Rail King

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    I have seen them in N scale.

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  5. Gats

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    Faller and/or Pola make them. Also being a HO Con-Cor model you are referring to, maybe Heljan has it in N (most CC structures were made by Heljan).
    Check the Walthers cattledog when at Betty's next.


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  6. Grantha

    Grantha TrainBoard Member

    Vollmer makes a House on Fire kit (Walthers 770-7738) in N scale. As well Pola makes a House under demolition kit(Walther 578-347). Based upon the picture it wouldn't take much to weather it to look like a house on fire. Add some lighting and a smoke generator and you're in business. Of course both kits are very european looking.

    There was also an interesting article in Model Railroader three or four years ago about a small trolley layout which incorporated a building on fire.

    The future of N Scale's Lookin so bright I gotta wear shades!! [​IMG]

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