I Made a Tough Decision Today...

Hoss May 11, 2004

  1. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    ...and decided that garage railroading is not for me. As many of you know, I have successfully managed to begin building not one, not two but THREE (count 'em) layouts in my garage....each one a little bit better than the last.

    Each time I have gotten about to the stage I'm at now with the current one.....track center lines drawn out and cork down....before making a big change.

    Well, this time the change is a complete dismantling of the current layout and storing of the current locomotives, rolling stock, track, Lenz Set 100 and everything else I have acquired until I can get into a house that will allow me to have a designated train room.

    I have decided that garage railroading just doesn't work for me. It's too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and too nice outside in the spring and fall to be crammed in a dusty garage.

    So, at the first opportunity I'll be dismantling the layout.

    My initial thought was to sell everything I have on eBay...thinking that by the time I have the time, money and space to build my dream layout then the equipment I currently have would be antiquated. However, I'm now thinking that I'll just hold onto it for the time being and see what happens.

    So, to the fans and supporters of the BNSF Whitehead Sub, it's time to say goodbye.

    With that said, I'm not leaving model railroading. I still plan to hang out here and keep up with the latest and greatest. I just won't be doing any modeling for a while.

  2. Stourbridge Lion

    Stourbridge Lion TrainBoard Supporter

    ...and here I am thinking the only way I'm going to get back into Model RR work (after a nearly 20 year wait) is in the garage using a boat wench to lift it up out of the way so I can also park my car. [​IMG]

    Now you make me wonder if I need to rethink that whole idea. :( :rolleyes:
  3. Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan TrainBoard Member

    Hoss, noticing your comments on the weather, have you considered a garden railroad?
  4. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    Hehehe....I convinced myself to do a garage layout because I had lots of available space in the garage. Now I find that when the weather is actually nice enough for it to be comfortable in the garage then I'd rather go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

    Maybe I need to take up garden railroading. :D

    ON EDIT: Your timing couldn't have been more perfect Mike.....as I made that last comment just before reading yours. ;)
  5. Colonel

    Colonel Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter


    sorry to read your not going to finishthe layout, I really enjoyed seeing your design and benchwork take place. Do you have anywhere you can build a small switching layout in the house?
  6. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Definitely hang on to your equipment for a while. I sold off almost everything once. And regretted the decision. You never know when inspiration will strike. Or perhaps you'll find room to build a module. Or......... Meanwhile, you can sketch ideas, daydream, build a few kits, and.........

    I agree on the garage scenario. temperature swings. And almost always too dusty. A dedicated train space inside the home is the ideal location.


    Boxcab E50
  7. ak-milw

    ak-milw TrainBoard Member

    Sorry to hear about your situation but I can see your point. I don't think I would sell off your stuff right away. I do know how you feel though, I had to go and build my house just so I could have a place for my trains, and that took me 15 years!!
  8. rsn48

    rsn48 TrainBoard Member

    Garden layouts is the fastest growing scale here in Vancouver, maybe that could keep you going. A friend of mine switched from HO to G and runs his HO at a friends home. Now's he's become one of the dominant forces in G scale - garden layouts.
  9. racedirector

    racedirector TrainBoard Member

    Wow Hoss!

    That's one heck of a decision. I am just itching to get started in earnest and here you are starting and stopping 3 times. I wish you luck in the aquisition of a suitable house in the near future so you can see you dream through. I have been lucky enough to score half our lounge room as my location complete with air conditioning, but I still have to drive a screw in earnest....

  10. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Hoss, say it ain't so!!! I was getting my coal train all geared up to make a run on the Whitehead sub! But I understand about the garage environment...I can't imagine putting a layout in my garage in this climate and I'm probably about 15 miles away. Not to mention the dust. I have considered finishing off half of the garage for a layout, i.e. framing and a/c but that would be a major undertaking...I can't even finish off the attic space for my current layout.

    Well, if I ever get my layout started you're welcome to come run some of your stuff on my pike anytime so hang on to it.
  11. texasdon

    texasdon E-Mail Bounces


    I tried my hand a garage model railroading and it did not work for the reasons you indicated. Here in Houston, the garage gets pretty darn hot in summer and its humid year round. I do sometimes miss my nice basement in Philadelphia.

    I had an indoor N Scale layout which I had to give up in order to provide space for a piano. I switched to garden railroading, as it is a year round thing in Houston, and I really enjoy it. I even built a garden railway around the spa in the yard of our new house (moved from PA to TX last summer).

    I suggest you find a local train club which would provide you with a venue to operate your trains. I am a member of two groups here in Houston. One is an HO group with a permanent layout (to use my HO trains) and one is an informal round robin S scale group because I am planning to build my new layout in S scale. I actually have a large air conditioned bedroom I will use for my layout. We actually bought a 5 bedroom house when we moved back with the largest upstairs room reserved for dad's trains. My son is finishing his 1st year of college and my daughter is finishing 11th grade this month, so they are as much out as in the house anyway and don't mind having smaller rooms.

    Have you thought about building a small shelf layout or maybe just a simple indoor layout to keep your hands active in the hobby. I have seen some good shelf layouts lately in the model railroad journals. There is a really nice 4'x8' HO layout featured in this month's Model Railroader.

    Good luck and stay with the hobby.
  12. Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan TrainBoard Member

    They say a model railroad is never finished anyway, so don't sweat it. Circumstances change, interests change, and sometimes experience indicates you need to change [​IMG] . Most people change their car once in a while :D .

    I've done N, G and HO in the last 10...15 years, and 00 and N in a younger phase. I enjoyed them all and will happily change again when the time comes. (Z is starting to get interesting :eek: ). My only regret is not being rich enough to keep my 'outgoing' stuff for future use - I have to sell it to raise cash :(
  13. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    I almost hate coming in here and reading this because it makes me feel guilty about boxing up. :( Anyway, as I said, I'm not quitting....I'm just postponing. The whole garage thing....which I initially liked because I could have a larger layout....just isn't going to work out.

    One of these days I'll have a nice, big, air conditioned room for my long BNSF coal trains. :D

    I've considered a small shelf layout....but my problem is that every time I've tried to design a small layout I ended up going bigger because I wanted to fit more in (which is how I originally ended in the garage anyway).

    Maybe I'll look into a club. I haven't really thought about that.

    Thanks for the input and support from everyone.
  14. disisme

    disisme TrainBoard Supporter

    Cmon.. I cant believe your garage is THAT bad [​IMG] . Dry wall inside it, fit a split system air conditioner, get yourself a heater and build, build, build..... The weather may be nice in spring and fall, but imagine the enjoyment you'll get on the bitterly cold nights sitting in your garage "playing trains". Its not expensive to refit a garage to 'habitable spec', and to cure the dust problem simply seal the roller door down!!! LOL. No problem in insurmountable if you want it badly enough [​IMG]

    Make sure you keep posting in here Hoss...post-ponement shouldnt mean 'incommunicado' [​IMG]
  15. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    I do plan to keep posting and moderating here so long as you guys will have me. [​IMG]

    I am, however, now considering selling off the stuff I have to finance a few other things...with the plans to get back into model railroading some time down the line when I'm not so crunched for time, money and space (does that ever REALLY happen??).

    Keep your eyes peeled in the Yellow forum and maybe you'll see something you're interested in.

    ON EDIT: Go HERE if you're interested.

    [ 12. May 2004, 04:55: Message edited by: Hoss ]
  16. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    UPDATE: My entire fleet of locomotives has now been listed on eBay and is up for auction if anyone is interested. The link in the previous post will take you to a list of links for each one.
  17. Tim Loutzenhiser

    Tim Loutzenhiser TrainBoard Supporter

    I am determined that I will make garage railroading work! I have an attached garage; insulated it last summer, installed a quartz heater on the ceiling last fall, run a kerosene heater in the winter, and my brother-in-law and I will be installing a $67.00 window airconditioner next weekend. I have a fair size N scale layout well under way. The neat thing about my garage is that I have a screen door to the back yard - and the CSX Fremont Subdivision is in my backyard - I just stand in the doorway rain or shine and can watch the real thing!
  18. DieselDaze

    DieselDaze E-Mail Bounces

    I can certainly understand your rational. I too have been in the same position.

    Sooner or later, you'll get back into it.

    I wish you the best in all you do.
    I have a feeling I may be reading about a few of those "other things" your financing!
    ;) :D

    Good luck and God bless.
  19. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    Now THAT is the way to make garage railroading work. :D
  20. Hoss

    Hoss TrainBoard Member

    Hey Rich. I know I'll get back into it....some day when I have more time and more space and more money. Does that ever actually happen?? [​IMG]

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