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sp4009 Mar 8, 2010

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    I built some lumber bundles using scale lumber several years ago, to use as a master after I got involved in resin casting. My idea behind the bundles was to have the freedom to stack them in any fashion and construct a load. I set up a mold to pour four 4x8 foot and two 4x12 foot stacks of 2x4's. The mold is about toast now, but has yielded several hundred bundles over the last 4-5 years. I've used it as an "overflow" mold, or a place to dump the excess resin while pouring other castings. I have five "finished" loads, two more that were just painted and enough bundles for eight or nine more. I decided to demonstrate the construction of a load using resin stacks of lumber.

    First off, there is a finished load, one ready for paint and a pile of parts for the one I will build for this thread.


    Rough castings.


    The two different size stacks.

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