HORRIBLE HORRIBLE train crash today in Carolina ! ! !

MarkInLA Feb 5, 2018

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    I'm sure most of us know by now. This is a really ugly sight, yet surprisingly leaving only 2 lives lost, both being crew members, not passengers. I won't repeat what's already being told by news agencies; I can only relate my deep sorrow toward the families of the engineer and conductor, leave alone the pitiful millions of dollars the final cost will be to whomever is found responsible. It's looking like CSX. Wow, when you look at how mangled and shredded the Amtrak engine and first diesel it collided with are, it's unimaginable what the impact must have felt like to the passengers of the Silver Star Amtrak train; the frightening, darkening night time experience in the now darkened cars !! Oh, how awful a thought. Never mind the waiting around track side for rescue vehicles to get there and all the expected arrival times of these poor people now completely moot for them and the ones waiting for them at stations along the route, likely not even aware of this while standing on the station platforms looking for the headlight up the tracks to come into view.. Or, the digital arrival announcement of the Silver Star in Miami Union Station go from 'on time' to 'delayed', then to the national TV/radio/Twitter news of the unfolding horror for their colleagues and loved ones still very far away...
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