Hemi you brought back some memories....

Sumner Nov 28, 2022

  1. Sumner

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    Came across your pictures of Sherman Hill and that area today. They brought back memories of when I was in college in Laramie at the U. of Wyo in the 60's and 70's ...


    Been to the tunnel there and inside but never got the courage up to be in there when a train went through.


    Rode my dirt bike all over that area. My best friend had a 16,000 acre ranch that was on the Colorado, Wyo border. The southern UP tracks south of the northern tracks was his ranch's north property line. Lots of antelope and deer there with an occasional elk. I saw a mountain lion stalking a deer in that area once.

    I walked UP's original roadbed north of the tracks now to where UP built the trestle over Dale Creek . I caught a lot of trout out of Dale Creek on Dave's ranch further south. You can still see the abutments there and I have spikes from that roadbed section that was abandoned about 1901. I don't know if they are original spikes from the 1868 track (First Transcontinental Railroad) or from later trackwork.

    Thanks for all the great photos from that area,

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  2. HemiAdda2d

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    Great memories, indeed! I should have explored the original crossing of Dale Creek, but never made the effort to find it. That was before Google Maps, GPS and whatnot. I did have an Atlas/Gazetteer for WY and CO, but mainly used it to navigate Sherman Hill trackside from the interstate!
    Glad it brought back good memories for you too!

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