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slimjim375 Jul 3, 2000

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    Alan and Ben
    Something I forgot to add yesterday.
    Something that it just as important as the videos is to get hold of a copy of the DeLorme "Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer. This will show the railroad routes in the state along with the various roads, highways, dirt tracks and roads throughout. A word of warning though, so of those "roads" require a 4x4 jeep, Land Rover or Army Tank, so I would advise that you doe a little "recce" before starting out. The local police were very helpful in advising what type of vehicle to use.

    But as FriscoBob and Jim say, Colorado is beautiful. Helen, myu wife, and I fell in love with it, the first time we saw it. And until then we had no interest in U.S. Railroads. We spent a month in the state, and only saw about a quarter of it. But luckly our good family friends in Fountain, who were looking after us, knew of my interest in trains, and ensured that most of the time we followed the rails. I would recommend Colorado to anyone, and if we had the chance, Helen and I would move out there tomorrow, Lock, stock and model railroad.

    Rio Grande - Railroad through the Rockies.
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