Help! I'm trying to find n old train motel in PA!

Curious George Feb 10, 2014

  1. Curious George

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    Back in 1989 on a cross country drive I stayed at a hotel in central PA, it had to be right off of 80, that was made up of old rail cars (pullmans, I believe, maybe cabooses). It was on the edge of whatever town it was in, and there was a bar across the street named "Norma Jean's." I assume it is gone now since I can't seem to find it online, but if anyone remembers it and can tell me where it was I'd love to know.

    BTW it is not Titusville or Strausburg.
  2. mr.dean

    mr.dean TrainBoard Member

    I know you said not Strausburg, but there IS a motel near there, about a half mile from the Stausburg railway called the Red Caboose Inn (I think its something like that). Its made up of Cabeese, of course and was a pretty neat place to stay when we were there in the 90s. I don't believe there was a bar across the street though... but there was a dining car that served meals at the location. I think it was also right next to a toy train museum and just down the road from the PRR museum as well. That's the only one I know of, sorry if its not the one you were looking for!

  3. Dameon

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    When I was young we had to drive the long way across PA to visit my Grandparents. I remember the Red Caboose Motel but I do have memories of another place that had train cars. I was a child, so of course not navigating or really aware of where I was, but I can look and trace the various routes my family would have driven. I remember a string of streamlined passenger cars with a narrow parking lot between them and the road and a dinner/gift shop down at one end. The cars had some underpinning around them to protect/cover the more permanent utilities they were hooked up too. Does that sound familiar?
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