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Pack_man26 Aug 29, 2011

  1. Pack_man26

    Pack_man26 New Member

    Hello I'm new to modeling and have done lots of reading. I'm ready to start a new layout and have a few questions. I am going with n-scale on a 4x8 foam top base. I have an idea for the track plan I want but need some help. I want to run two sets of track on the outer run but don't know how much space is needed between tracks and what radius to run on each set to maintain consistent spacing. This is my first shot at any of this and I always learn better with trial and error. I have no specific era to model just want to kind of build what I like and learn as I go so the next layout I better prepared. That's it for now but I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I go. Track is atlas code 80 I have lots of track I purchased from a firer modeler who because of medical conditions could no longer use it and sold it really cheap with lots of structures and some locos.
  2. BoxcabE50

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    Welcome to TrainBoard!

    Plenty of N scalers here, myself included. You might want to post in our N forum. We also have a track planning forum available and there are some truly knowledgable folks there as well.
  3. Jim Wiggin

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    Welcome aboard Pack_man. Like Boxcab has said, plenty of N scalers here on Trainboard. Both the N scale forum and Layout and design forums are a huge help to someone looking to get started. There is a lot of information out there, fortunately there is a lot of experience here on TB. Looking forward in seeing your progress!
  4. FriscoCharlie

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    Welcome aboard!

  5. jpwisc

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    Welcome, the spacing will vary on what you want to run on your line. Are you modeling the transition era or modern era? A 40' boxcar requires less spacing than autoracks.

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