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sonofzell Jan 18, 2019

  1. sonofzell

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    Greetings everyone!

    I know it's been a while since my original introduction here with the backstory of my grandfather's train collection... having to deal with the settlement of three estates in 2018, spare time has been scarce to say the least.

    I have, however, just began the process of emptying my storage unit, bringing the promised train collection to my home for inventorying and eventually to offer for sale. The first realization that became evident the moment I opened the storage unit is that this process is going to take quite some time - perhaps a lot more than I had originally expected. The sheer amount of items I have alone would be a challenge, and that's not to even mention my limited schedule to work on getting everything out.

    That being said, I feel as if I "teased" with my promise to share the goods, so I'm offering an invitation for anyone who's interested to have a peek at the items as I add them. I've set up a crude website - obviously, there's work to be done on that as well - on which I am attempting to catalog and post all of the model trains and related items as they are unboxed and transferred out of storage.

    Feel free to have a look at www.albertzwilliams.com to check out items as they’re added. I’m only through about 5 of the 97+ boxes I’ have stored (and that’s not including the “in service” items that were either on his layout or display case)!

    As I mentioned before, I myself am no expert on these items, so if anyone here has any information to offer on anything I've got, I would be very grateful! Each item page has a section for "Product reviews" that could be used for any comments, or you're also welcome to PM me on this forum as well.

    I'll offer my disclaimer in advance: Due to the number of trains I need to go through, I'm definitely on a "quantity over quality" strategy to get through everything. Please forgive the poor quality of the photos & descriptions - Everything is being photographed right out of their respective boxes, with no clean-up or fancy staging. While there may be some select items in this collection that I do decide to keep for myself, the vast majority of it will be offered for sale as soon as I can get a handle on what their ballpark values are. With that in mind, if there is any item that you'd like more details about or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message!

    Thanks in advance for any help this board can offer in making sense of this collection. As I mentioned in my first post, top-dollar prices is no concern of mine, but I also don't want to be taken advantage of due to my ignorance of model trains in general.

    Lastly, in the interest of complying with the guidelines of this community, if there is any other forum that I should share this instead of or in addition to here, kindly let me know and I'll edit as appropriate.


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    We have our "Swap Meet" for all members who wish to sell, seek or trade.
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  3. Kurt Moose

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    Hello! Great avatar!(y)
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  4. Kez

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    Tried to leave you a message in a review of the Mountain Dew car, but it didn't seem to take. I'd be interested in a few of the items, for sure, but I understand that you have a HUGE job on your hands, so no rush. Feel free to message me back here, in a "conversation", or by email, whenever you have a chance. bkeyser @ cox . net (remove spaces)
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