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  1. Paul Graf

    Paul Graf TrainBoard Member

    We have been keeping an up to date schedule of the expected deliveries on our web site: We have been receiving the test shots for a lot of the code 55 line, so production is close at hand. While it has taken longer than we expected, or would have liked, to get track production up and running, we have been delivering track of some sort or another since last November. Whereas we previously had nearly all of our production at one factory, we now are using a number of different, unrelated factories for our production. I apologize for the difficulties you have had in finding product - it certainly isn't what we would have liked to have had happen.
  2. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    There is Atlas track available, but you can't expect to get 30% off retail. Do some digging, get creative. I've been involved in the construction of a quite large layout over the past two years and guess what....almost all Atlas Code 55 and golden spike was driven around 2 months ago.

    I've had some C55 for sale and few takers....still have some #5's left that a deal fell through on.

    The sky is not falling folks. But there is a limited availability so don't expect bottom dollar pricing...doesn't work that way.
  3. SP&S #750

    SP&S #750 TrainBoard Member

    We're aware of that.
  4. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Obviously, some are not.
  5. gcav17

    gcav17 TrainBoard Member

    No reason to get testy with each other. Its no the fault of the hobbiest. Perhaps if some of our American owned companies didn't drool over such great deals made by our economic enemy... We would be in better shape. But thats another story.
    I would use M.E. or peco track, if not for the cost. Or shinohara if I can ever find it. So I look for deals and sometimes I find them. Sometimes I have to make minor repairs to the switches. Not a big deal to me.. Since its all ballasted what does it matter?

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  6. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter


    But it shouldnt have to be like that. Modelers shouldnt have to scrounge around to find track. One can do one stop shopping for for most any other track product...anything but but Atlas.
  7. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    You're right.

    In an ideal world, Atlas track is easy to come by, whenever and wherever you want it. Typically, it is pretty available, and still is if you want it bad enough. If you choose to be pretentious about it that's your prerogative. Or you can actually do something productive and solve the problem. Makes no difference to me. Starting yet another topic on the Atlas track shortage is super duper fine in my book...I just wanted people to know there's no reason to sit on a layout for 9 months if you are really itching to get some track down.

    Heck, I *have* track and my layout hasn't made progress in 9 months, so what do I know?
  8. GaryHinshaw

    GaryHinshaw TrainBoard Member

    Is this supposed to be ironic? I think this is exactly why Atlas sent production to China, because they felt they couldn't make an affordable product in the States. Frustrating for sure, but the alternative is probably not too palatable to many hobbyists either.
  9. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    Its not being goes back to ALL the broken promises of Atlas track coming soon...every 3 months from Atlas for over 2 years. I dont care either...I have my track down and running trains...have for a long time. I just didnt bite on the empty promises. Everyone can choose what track they want. Wait and wait and wait and wait...or go with something else. Whatever floats someones boat. ;-)
  10. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    Paul, with all of the delays, how much money has been lost by not having your track built in New Jersey? Even Con-Cor is now starting to make things in Tucson....
  11. SP&S #750

    SP&S #750 TrainBoard Member

    in an ideal world I'd have the hours and the money to pursue other options, nobody was being pretentious. there may be atlas track available but not the stuff people need like turnouts, and to get them with discounts? what? how are all you guys getting discounts on stuff?
  12. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Without "discounts", the market place for model railroading items would likely shrink, substantially. The ability to stretch dollars allows many to even participate in this hobby: Youth, (how many times have we seen worried posts about getting them involved?), disabled and seniors/retirees on reduced or fixed incomes. Cast these people out, and the hobby might receive a death blow, if not very close to it. Discounting expands the potential customer base. It is a smart business tactic.
  13. Ristooch

    Ristooch TrainBoard Member

    I don't intend to hijack this thread into another discussion of hand-laid versus store-bought turnouts, but I am seeing what I believe is a misconception about the cost of building your own turnouts.

    The only thing that makes hand-laying turnouts expensive is the purchase of the jigs and so forth from the manufacturer we've all discussed before. In reality, the supplies are cheap when one considers the cost of a factory turnout. Of course, the other consideration is the time investment, something which almost all of us try to conserve.

    One can learn to build one's own turnouts with only a template printed on a reasonably heavy piece of paper (like 20lb bond) attached to a work surface. There are excellent resources in cyberspace and elsewhere. One can watch videos as people scratch build their turnouts without jigs, using simple hand tools. Model Railroader, a few years ago, contained an article by Lance Mindheim on scratch-building code 40 n-scale turnouts. This article is excellent, informative, and a "must-read" for anyone who is interested in the process. I photocopied it and put in in a binder near my workbench for the coming days when I will start making my own. It's even been quite useful in repairing and fine-tuning some "factory" turnouts.

    Granted, hand-laying turnouts demands an investment in time and also a certain skill level, but I think most will agree that enhancing your skills is part of what this hobby is about.

    Back to the thread....
  14. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    I have been stretching dollars for years when it comes to my hobby, including doing without some things, kitbashing others, or just plain scratch building things I could not afford. And without finding things on sale or discount I certainly would have no where near what I have today. I probably would not even be in the hobby. Based on the prices I am seeing out here today I could not afford to even think about getting into this hobby without the discount pricing. The last four locomotives I bought I found at about 30 to 40% under the retail price thus four came home with me rather than only one or two.

    And I am a very patient person when it comes to waiting for things. I am of an older generation that was and is not into instant gratification. I have seen too much of the have to have it now only to see it sit in a pile collecting dust for three months or more. I also could care less about the code 55 track since it does me no good at all since the majority of my rolling stock and locos are unable to run on it. But now the standard code 80 track and turnouts I will eventually need, and over the years I have preferred Atlas, I will patiently wait on. Meanwhile I continue to tweak my track plan for the new layout, build rolling stock, improve some locos, and build some small modules. I have more than enough stuff to keep me occupied for the next year or more and I won't be getting my tidy whities in a bunch just because the track isn't here. If it doesn't ever get here then I go to plan B or even plan C. Basically I am retired and I have as long as needed to wait. Just not worth all the hoopla of getting worked up about. I am more concerned about the rampant lack of quality that is coming out of the prime assembly locations than I am about the due date and availability. I have more concerns about the quality than the due date and if it takes 6 to 12 more months to get things of some quality then so be it.
  15. MVW

    MVW E-Mail Bounces

    I'm also an Atlas code 80 user. Primarily because when I switched to N a few years back, there was – surprise – a shortage of code 55. Not a biggie, though. The code 55 is definitely a better-looking product, but I have no complaints about the code 80 ... except when you can't get it.

    I need 3-4 Custom Line #6 turnouts and a handful of flex to finish my yard. I see the flex is back in stock, but I'm still waiting for the turnouts to arrive so I can order it all at once.

    This disruption in production of something as basic as track is a very bad thing, and I imagine it has depressed sales across the hobby. Here's hoping the problems have been solved.

  16. Mudkip Orange

    Mudkip Orange TrainBoard Member

    I can't cite specific retailers due to Trainboard policy, but I will say this.

    The Pound Sterling lost 25% of its value (relative to the dollar) in 2008 and hasn't recovered.

    The US/Canada MSRP for Peco is based on the old exchange rate.

    UK retailers will ship internationally.

    UK prices listed on websites include 20% VAT, which gets subtracted at checkout once the system realizing it's shipping outside Britain.

    Even with the cost of international shipping you can get Peco for *cheaper* than Atlas this way.
  17. SP&S #750

    SP&S #750 TrainBoard Member

    Doug, A realization hit me while I went to class, while I won't disagree that there is atlas track on the market, it's generally the stuff people already have a bunch of. the thing I'm waiting on is turnouts at the moment I only possess three #10(2) and #5 I would've cobbled a 2 x 4 N scale layout together but I wanted a bit more than one turnout. to avoid facing the track problem I've for the moment managed to side step it by focusing on building modules for a future layout instead of the regular layout building process.
  18. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    The bottom line is YES the number 7's are tough to find. That's about it. And they are around you just have to keep looking and more than just clicking a mouse. It may be one at one shop and with shipping you're paying above retail to get it....not ideal, but they are out there. Make some phone calls.

    I have some 5's if anyone is interested. I don't remember how many but 6-7 I think. Some are out of the package but in like-new condition. I also have some that are used...even a couple of 7's I think.

    Mudkip, that's a great tip. Anyone that is ok with how Peco looks should do is fantastic track and if they ever release their NA Proto stuff in N, track selection becomes a no brainer to me.
  19. SP&S #750

    SP&S #750 TrainBoard Member

    payday is friday and I may be able to take you up on that offer.
  20. CBQ Fan

    CBQ Fan TrainBoard Member

    So where do you find all these other brands of track, Code 80 or 55 stocked at a reasonable market price? Every shop I have seen has a little bit of this and a little bit of that but never enough of anything to complete a decent size layout.

    I have Code 80 from Atlas, but the vast majority of it is left over from a prior layout that was 26' x 12'. When I had to take it down I saved all the track and switches. I do need to replace some switches now due to an issue with current going through the switch itself (or not going through) but I can bypass that with additional wiring. I have considered upgrading track but can't find enough of anything anywhere to even remotely start.

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