Grand Canyon Railway Mar 21, 2002

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    Just got back from a trip to Arizona...rode the Grand Canyon Railroad, and loved it. They provide an excellent service including dome car class seating.
    P.S. vestibule open dutch door riding has always been frowned upon, but GCR is very strict about it...the FRA must have really put the fear in them.
  2. jkristia

    jkristia TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the info.
    I am planning on taking this trip with my wife sometime this spring. We will take the Amtrak from LA to Williams and then the Grand Canyon tour. (It's the tour offered through AAA)

  3. Fred

    Fred TrainBoard Member

    My friends & I "chased" it a number of years ago when steam was regular on all the trains, my in-laws took the train from Chicago to Williams recently and loved the ride on the GCR. I think dutch-dooring isn't allowed on the GCR has more to do with insurance than the FRA, too many families with kids ride the train & the railroad doesn't want any "accidents", sometimes parents think because it is a tourist train and going so slow that nothing could happen to their "Little Johnny" and therefore don't keep as good enough eye on them as they normally would if they were on Amtrak.
  4. fitz

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    The time to go visit the GCR will be this coming August. The NRHS is holding it's national convention there, and the Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 will be running from Los Angeles to Williams, will join the GCR steamers for running to the south canyon rim. It will be steam heaven. ;)
  5. bnsf4354

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    IF you thought that the GCR was a great train experience you might want to try the Verde Canyon Rail Road. Just take I-17 south to Verde Valley. Two f7s take you through the most incredible canyon you could imagine with beautiful red rocks like Sedona has. Here is a link to check out. I went on both and like the Verde one the best.
  6. Benny

    Benny TrainBoard Member

    I am Drooling. How I wish I could be there!!!!

    I probably have band camp at that time...and none of those stupid "that one time at band camp" jokes either!!!

    So basically, the one seasonal love of my will be taking place at that time, and these are some of the most important people in my life, so I HAVE TO Be there. In the name of comradery

    Too bad the line doesn't run to the verde valley. Now That Would Be a Fun two day ride!!!!
  7. eddelozier

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    Wishing you all the enjoyment that I had on the GCR a few years back. Stayed at a Travel Lodge, accross from the railway station, in Williams. Watched and heard the trains doing switching work, most of the evenings.
    Great ride and the only way to get up to the Canyon.
    You should find the time to visit Durango Co. Only a few hours away. The town and the train there is worth seeing.


  8. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Staff Member

    Well, August sounds like the time to brave the heat and head for the Grand Canyon. We rode the train in October of 91' and it was a great ride.

    Greg Elems
  9. Peirce

    Peirce Passed away April 3, 2009 In Memoriam

    Both rides are well worth the time and money. We did them both in April of 1999.

    Wait until you see the paint job on the Verde Canyon F7s - among the best anywhere.

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  10. sillystringtheory

    sillystringtheory TrainBoard Member

    In March of 2000 the wife and I rented a car and drove from Phoenix (where my wife was attending a convention), to Williams.
    We braved a very bad late winter snowstorm through Sedona to Flagstaff to get there to ride the GCRY. At that time the BNSF route just east of Flagstaff was blocked by heavy snows in both directions. Two maintenance of way trains were holed up in Williams with about 20 or so BNSF M of W trucks parked at the Days Inn we were staying at. (thank God we had a reservation!)
    The next morning dawned a crisp 20 degrees with about 3" of snow at Williams. The BNSF train and work crews had left sometime during the night. I bought us tickets to the club car which was the very first car after the power car so I could listen to the Alcos' bark.
    (A tip I got from a friend in my Ntrak club).
    The whole trip was enjoyable, from the entertainment to the scenery. We got to see the Grand Canyon with a snow covering on it. The tour guide said that this was rare and the best way to view the canyon.
    All in all an unforgetable trip.
    Mrs. zGerman really deserved a trooper award throughout the whole trip. From the white knuckle ride through the mountains to putting up with my railfan shenannigans. She wasn't feeling well at all at the time, and when we returned home we found out that we were soon to be first time parents.
    Every once in a while I take out the video tape of the train trip just so I can hear those Alcos bark again [​IMG]
  11. gordon

    gordon TrainBoard Member

    i heard about 3751 in august , and i am waiting for the chance to see the old girl in person for the first time. i just love a woman in basic black!!!

  12. Benny

    Benny TrainBoard Member

    HERMANzGERMAN, you make me JEALOUS!!!!!

    Those MOWs must be awesome to see in person!

    Kind of reminds me of my surprise shotgun trip to Duragno for the D and s, greatest little trip I have had. The Verde is pretty, and even though my home twon is right over the mountian from there, I never rode it. The scenery where i have been in that area is all very nice, as long as the people stop coming

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