Grade Crossing Ideas Sought for Kato N Scale Double Track

Mark Ricci Jun 20, 2021

  1. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    Draw the circle on a sheet of styrene. Hand cut the circle. Do NOT try to cut all the way through on the first cut ! Take 2...3...4...different depth cuts on the same line. Your cutting blade should follow the previous cut line without jumping out of it. ;)

    If that circle in the pic...

    is the styrene cul de sac...draw a line around it on the straight road pieces and cut the curve on the road pieces the same way....a few shallow cuts at a time...(y)
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  2. Mark Ricci

    Mark Ricci TrainBoard Member

    Thanks, great idea... The circle and some other templates made from business card stock.
    Sounds a little challenging. :) also thought about T'ing rather than cul de sac.
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  3. Mark Ricci

    Mark Ricci TrainBoard Member

    Thanks all for the input.. Did the cul-de-sac and then decided to use the styrene for paved roads and depot sidewalk too. Definitely the way to go! IMG_2100.JPG

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