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nevadavandal Apr 28, 2018

  1. nevadavandal

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    Have a list of books which provide a little railroading information not directly associated with railroading but unto themselves fill in some of the gaps, for me at least. Most are associated with the Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Western Montana area.
    The Ruby El Hult book concerning the 1910 Snowslide and the 1910 Forestfire. There is a nice portion concerning the trains fleeing the fires east and west of Avery, Idaho. Not sure if that book is still available other than E Bay. Additionally, she mentions the trains with refugees leaving Wallace in anticipation of the city being destroyed.
    "Coeur d' Alene Diary" discusses the narrow guage in Wallace and Kellogg but more so local history. Additionally, some reference to the Burke local and the destruction of the Frisco mill north of Wallace 1892. The rioters could not be charged with anything other than interfering with the US mail and served time in a federal prison in Detroit.
    "Railroads through the Coeur d' Alenes" , photos and time tables, "The Milwaukee Electrics" and "The Milwaukee Road's Western Extension" and "The Milwaukee Road in Idaho" , there is also a " . . . in Montana".
    Sorry for the rehash believing most of you have these books.
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    I can add to your list, quite a bit.

    For example: "Up The Swiftwater" (Sandra Crowell, David Asleson) History of the MILW territory, between East Portal, MT and St, Maries, ID. Best such coverage I have ever found.
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