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tootnkumin May 23, 2012

  1. tootnkumin

    tootnkumin TrainBoard Member

    Hi, my name's Ray. Have been in and out of the model railroading hobby all my life and have recently revived the interest again after a short dropout, with a clearer view of what I want to achieve, or more accurately what is more reasonably achievable.

    Have dropped the grandiose layout plans (I do like planning) for a more practical approach that involves more club involvement (there's a couple near me, 1 of which I do now belong to) and a concentration on going for quality rather than quantity (probably a false hope, but we'll see if at least I can stick with the quality side of things).

    I am now modelling US prototype, a long held ambition and considering it was a 40 year gap between the last Marklin layout and the short spurt previously mentioned, about time.

    So, I'm here to learn, to ask questions and generally enjoy the fellowship of the natives, so to speak. You'll have to forgive if I don't contribute too much in the way of knowledge.
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  2. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome aboard Ray, we are glad you found us! What scale do you model? Feel free to post and learn, we are a pretty easy going group of guys here. Enjoy!
  3. Ironhorseman

    Ironhorseman Staff Member In Memoriam

    Hello Ray. Welcome to Trainboard. I believe you have already contributed by your open recognition of 'biting off more than one can chew' with grandiose plans, which is something most of us have shown symptoms of at one time or another. :)
    Keep us posted with your progress. Photos would be good too. :thumbs_up:
  4. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome aboard Ray. We're glad to have you.

  5. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome to TrainBoard!
  6. tootnkumin

    tootnkumin TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I model HO (I have trouble finding the track in N, let alone placing wheels on it, haha). I did dabble with N when it first appeared in NZ in the about the early 70's, but because of moving around at the time, it never took off. I do love the l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong trains that can be run in that scale (another weakness). At the moment I have 4 Blueline locos, UP GE C30-7's #'s 2451 & 77, SF Alco RSD15's #'s 9821 & 22, Athearn's Genesis EL SD45-2 #3678 (QSI sound), a ready to roll SP GP35 #6577 (DCC ready) kodachrome, an SP GP40-2 #7672 (analogue) kodachrome and a P2K GP38-2 C&NW #4629. Also in the mix are 2 sets of P2K Alco UP PA1/B's (all powered units) #'s 606/606B and 605/600B. So, as you can see a fairly eclectic bunch with no real direction.

    I also just last week sold 2 Athearn blue box BNSF SD40-2's along with some rolling stock etc and will be selling other items, the PA1/B's and coaches (early Walther's streamliners), the GP40 and GP35 and the Genesis (even though I plan to go DCC as soon as I can).

    I plan to run 1 post late 90's train and at least 1 from the 60's to 80's and join the other local club that I mentioned as they are now building a dedicated DCC layout. The club I presently belong to is in the process of adding more track to it's current one but has no plans to change from analogue.

    I have cast the die to modernise myself by placing a pre-order for 2 Genesis UP SD70Ace's and may order a 3rd yet so I can build that l-o-o-ong train although an ES44AC might be a more intersting consist.
  7. 282mike

    282mike TrainBoard Member

    Welcome Aboard! This is a great place to Hang out at! ENJOY and Happy Modeling

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