Ed Pinkley#2 Feb 8, 2001

  1. Mopac3092

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    why aren't you going to be there brent? i probably won't be either since heritage wasn't invited.
  2. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    I have to work Sunday. We have inventory on Monday and all hands have to work the next few days. Heritage has always been welcome to set up at this show with us. I've been told they have no interest in setting up at a one day show. Nobody is stopping you from coming, I'm sure there's room. [​IMG] Set up is 7 AM Sunday for the Bloomington show. Well, enough about that, we're supposed to be talking about Galesburg Railroad Days. I'll be making my reservations soon for my time there. If you wait too long, there won't be anything left!

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  3. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    Anything new about GRRD'S Harry? [​IMG]

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  4. LittleGiant

    LittleGiant TrainBoard Member

    2001 Galesburg Railroad Days Posters Now Available.

    Just in from the printers! The 2001 Galesburg Railroad Days poster by Ron Hatch.

    Distribution of the poster will begin this weekend at three Midwest train events.

    On Saturday AM I will have some of the posters at the Train Show in Rockford, Il.

    Saturday afternoon and evening I will be at the Burlington Route Historical Society meeting in Mendota, Il.

    Whatever posters remain will be on sale at
    Mike Grubers tables inside the front door of the first building at the Great Midwest Train Show at the Du Page County Fairgrouds in Wheaton, Il.

    This years poster features a 1940s image of Cameron, Il with a CB&Q F unit passing under a Santa Fe Passenger train. In the background, we see a Rock Island Southern box electric.

    Plans are underway to make the image available on one or more websites. As soon as this is acomplished, I will post the URL's here.

    The Galesburg Chamber of Commerce is arranging to sell the posters by mail as soon as the website images are up. Cost is $5.00 per poster if purchased at a train show or in person from the Chamber of Commerce office.
    Mail orders will require a $3.00 shiping and handling charge.

    I will also be posting information here on how Illinois railfans can obtain the 2001 Galesburg Railroad Days license plates as soon as they are available.

    Things are starting to roll.

    More news as it happens.

    Little Giant

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