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Railfan123 Feb 11, 2023

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    Seventy kilometres to the west of the capital of India, New Delhi, lies a quaint little town called Rewari. New Delhi already boasts of India's largest rail museum but Rewari also has a small little one lying next to the rail station. Now the question is why would anyone go there? Well, for starters it holds the world's oldest working/in-service steam engine Fairy Queen in it's yard. There are a few other steam locos as well and the whole area can be scouted about fairly quickly but this engine remains the main attraction. The one possible reason I can think of NOT housing the iconic loco at Delhi is that the latter's museum lies in the center of the city, thereby making it nearly impossible to get the engine back on tracks, if necessary. Rewari's version lies barely a stone's throw away from the main railway station.

    I visited it over a year ago via a passenger train [it stands for something that stops at each intervening station instead of faster trains that skip most in between smaller ones]. One can find quite some double decked goods trains running on this route as well.
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  2. Mike VE2TRV

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    Great photo album! (y)

    The Fairy Queen is beautiful! With only a single driving axle, at that.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.
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    As I recall it, several decades back, National Geographic did a show which featured older trains of India. I believe Fairy Queen was shown in that video.

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