Frogs Don't Work on Diverging Route Only

Penner Feb 1, 2024

  1. Penner

    Penner TrainBoard Member

    Hi everyone! I recently completed powering the frogs to 16 of my turnouts (Atlas C55) - but the frogs only seem to be powered when the turnouts are NOT diverging. Whenever they are set for diverging route, the frog appears to be dead (as there is no voltage differential between the frog and the diverging route stock rail). When set to the straight route I get ~12V on the DMM between the frog and straight route stock rail.

    The bus is DCC.

    I have six of the frogs powered via Tortoise motors, and the remaining 10 have frog juicers (manual throw). All behave the exact same way, regardless of whether the diverging route stock rail is the "red" (rear) rail or the "black" (front) rail.

    The tortoises are powered bi-polar DC (via two 12V wall warts) and controlled with SPDT switches.

    I've checked the turnouts with a multimeter six ways to Sunday looking for opens and shorts (and I've found and corrected them - there were two turnouts with broken jumpers between the point and closure rails) have been racking my brain for a couple of days now trying to troubleshoot this puppy and it is driving me crazy.

    If anybody has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  2. Doug Gosha

    Doug Gosha TrainBoard Member

    Well, somehow, the frogs are not getting current when thrown for the diverging route, That sounds elemental but that's the problem and you have to find out why there's no power to the frog while the switch is thrown for the diverging route. The frog is powered by the associated circuitry, not the switch, itself.

  3. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member

    How about a quick wiring diagram of what you are doing?

    I take it that the frog is completely isolated from either stock rail. Only one wire to the frog that is switched between being connected to one or the other stock rail depending on which way the turnout is thrown?

  4. Doug Gosha

    Doug Gosha TrainBoard Member

    Yes, that's the way they work.


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