First Z layout. Suggestions please

shenri Feb 3, 2019

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    New to building layouts. I found this layout on the internet and wanted suggestions before I start laying track. I'm looking to run two trains and also do some switching in the future. I like everything about the layout except maybe the the parallel yard tracks. Can someone suggest something else I might to here to make switching operations more exciting? I have the whole inner part of the layout to work with. Thanks for looking.

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    Looks good to me, it will give you plenty of operating ideas and switching. Potential to have three trains ready for operating at various times.

    The yard looks good, maybe another track and have a business part of it for a customer, and the single spur at the top could have another branch off for more business to switch.

    Alot of layouts also have a thin divider going diagonal to the yard, maybe put a city scape on it, just to break up the layout and give the appearance of it being bigger. The other side you could do in a more rural setting, like grain elevators?
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