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ckelly Oct 15, 2010

  1. donfrey

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    Finishing the attic area

    As others have mentioned, do it right. Make sure you run a suitable electric service up there (not just a connection to the attic or upstairs lighting circuit). Also, while you're at it, add a phone line and a ethernet or cable service as well - you may want to have the benefit of a computer later on. The electric service should be at least a couple 20-amp circuits to allow for plenty of tool usage and expansion of the layout as time goes on. And if your wife plans to use a part of the area for scrapbooking, make sure you install plenty of lighting capability. Her needs will likely be different from yours, especially as you start to "finish" your layout. The time do do all of this infrastructure work is now, before you have the floors and walls done. Since neatness will count, by your description, and will certainly help ensure "domestic tranquility", make sure your benchwork design incorporates plenty of storage areas.

    Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to ask here if you needs ideas or suggestions. These are good people!

    Best regards and welcome to the hobby!:tb-biggrin:

  2. ckelly

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    Well, just showed her these posts, and Don, your electrical and internet idea was one we did not consider. That is a great thing to put in and plan for now. Thank you. As I type, she is already drawing out her area, lol.
  3. 282mike

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    Welcome aboard Chris
    Trainboard is a great place! even if your the Quiet type. THese guys dont hear a lot from me. I answer an ocasional question when I can manage to beat everyone else to it. Most of these guys are vastly more knowlegeable than I am! sounds like you are on your way to an enjoyable layout! HAVE FUN!!!:pcool:
  4. jackwade

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    Welcome to TB and if you are ever up in the Rochester NH area give me a shout.
  5. Mark Watson

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    The best way to ensure you are able to achieve the desired level is to ask questions. :)
    Any time I see someone showcase something that interests me, I always fish around for as much information as I can pull from them. And as said, everyone here is always happy to share.

    Godspeed on getting the attic finished. Modeling season is just beginning! ;) :D

    Welcome to TrainBoard! See ya around. :)

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