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friscobob Sep 14, 2000

  1. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    Well, here we are, summer's almost over & fall's upon us (and the fires are out here in the West). Time to wake the list up with
    another question:

    What's your favorite RR museum, display, etc?
    For me, the Colorado RR Museum ranks high on the list, followed by the Casey Jones Home & Museum in Jackson, TN. How about where you folks are at (even overseas, too)? Did you run across any really interesting museums in your travels this summer, or in years past?
    If so, please share 'em with us. I've listed at lest two, to get the ball rolling........

    Ship IT on the Frisco!
    Bob T.
  2. Jack Doran

    Jack Doran TrainBoard Member

    I visited the Illinois Rail mueseum at Union,IL. They have alot of old pullmans and other cars. You can also ride on a trolley car. They also have alot of locomotives up on the place. In fact I seen ATSF F45 (95)in warbonnet colors. New thing to be added was a CTC machine. FUN,FUN.

    Keep on railroad'n
  3. ChicagoRailfan

    ChicagoRailfan TrainBoard Member

    Illinois Railway Museum in Union,Illinois, is the only one I have been to and its great.

    The National Transportation Museum in St. Louis has a more impressive roster though.
  4. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    On a scale from 1-worst, 10-best.

    Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL.: 8

    National Transportation Museum, St. Louis, MO.: 8.5

    Monticello Railway Museum, Monticello, IL.: 10

    New Baden & Frenchlick, Frenchlick, IN.: 10

    White River Route, Branson, MO.: 10

    Overall, Monticello has the highest percent of restored to working condition equipment. You cna take a Cab ride and actually get to operate the loco on the return trip. Cost $50.00 US. [​IMG] Frenchlick has some nice stuff and a good long ride through a tunnel to a place called Cusco Corners. They "rob" the train on Mothers Day and Halloween weekends. Then the Marshall captures the bad guys and holds a public "Hanging" that ends in a shoot-out at Cusco. What a blast! [​IMG] The White River Route has the "Ozark Zephyr" and operates on an actual operating railway out of Branson, MO. This is a former Mo-Pac line and the train stops on a tressle over the White River. What a view from the almost all Dome train! [​IMG] The National is the home to Frisco 1522 [​IMG] and has some nice equipment and plans for expanding, but they have been planning this for years. [​IMG] Union has the most stuff and the most diverse operations, [​IMG] but they have too much stuff to restore and it will end up in piles of rust before they'll ever get to it. [​IMG]

    Brent Tidaback, Member #234 and a N-Scaler to boot!

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