Fake Fur Scenery Mini Clinic

JimJ Jun 10, 2013

  1. BoxcabE50

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    I am guessing it results in a more real appearance. If you look under the top layer of green grass blades, there is often lighter green to even white, as sunlight does not always reach down to the ground. Amongst that, will be yellowed and brown, dying and decayed materials.
  2. hminky

    hminky TrainBoard Member

    You probably won't be able to find a suitable green fabric that looks like grass.

    I never could. I was lucky I found the Dye-na-flow fabric paint in 2004.
    Oil paint can be used to color fabric but that is expensive.

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  3. fullquiver

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    Thanks for the responses. I suspected that was the thinking here. I have noticed in the last couple of days both kinds of grass. Lighter green or yellow at the bottom and darker on top, as well as others that were dark green at the base and yellow at the top. Maybe it is going to seed? I try to think how I could do the scenery I see along the road when I travel. And I had a lot of opportunity this week. 800 miles between Thurs and Fri.

    I have also seen where some have used sweatshirt material. It turns out pretty good too.

  4. JimJ

    JimJ Staff Member

    Sorry, I just saw this thread again. I've been distracted by another hobby of mine. Anyhoos, I like the way that green ground foam will settle into the material and you can layer different shades or concentrations however you need then "tease" or brush the material to expose some of the brown color. For example in low areas I leave it greener where moisture would gather and things are more lush and on ridges and high spots I leave more brown tufts exposed for a slightly dryer look. Just some things I've noticed in nature. I'm sure there's better material out there but I'm happy with the versatility of this stuff. There's many many different options out there. It sure is fun to experiment. Happy modeling!
  5. hminky

    hminky TrainBoard Member

    Looks good!


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