Fair warning: A Vent Post!

mtntrainman Dec 24, 2014

  1. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    George , you will love the NCE system . Programming is soooooo easy !
  2. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    My take?
    "8", ! Wow, very nice!
  3. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It's certainly popular in my area.
  4. Traindork

    Traindork TrainBoard Member

    I would love a Christmas without trains!! I'd love to work for a company that shuts down for a couple of weeks so I can spend the holidays at home with my family.

    (I work for the real thing and will probably be at work sometime Christmas day.)
  5. YoHo

    YoHo TrainBoard Supporter

    On the real railroad, Roseville is usually pretty dead on Dec. 25th few trains rolling through and the shop seems to be a skeleton crew.

    Not all customer service is 5 days a week 52 weeks a year. Holiday shut downs are common. I just don't understand what Digitrax has done that justifies you spending extra money on an NCE set. Something tells me you were just waiting for any excuse.

    For example, I currently work for HP. Certainly, if you call customer service this week, a lovely person, likely in India, will answer (since they take different holidays obviously)
    But if your device requires work be done by a US employee, then it will sit there until the 5th, because we are shut down from the 24th to the 5th in all the NA and European countries.

    And honestly, the complaint seems a little silly. Hell, I am still employed. Most Hobby shops and customer service lines keep hours that make it impossible for me to make use of it without technically violating work rules and that is nearly every week of the year. Taking your time to send the throttle in and then taking your business elsewhere, because they decided to reward their employees with a holiday shutdown just sounds petty. If you had wanted to do everything you could to ensure you'd have the throttle back by Christmas for the Grandkids, you would have sent it in immediately.

    No offense, but as you said, it's a rant thread. So I'll rant back. :)
  6. Sodapop

    Sodapop New Member

    Wheres the "Thanks" or "likes" on posts? be much easier to click then type one handed with a baby in arms.

    I agree with pretty much YoHo said. Plenty of companies shut down from Christmas to the New Year. Again there not Walmart but a Manufacture. Do they have customer service? Sure, what company doesn't? Everyone has a customer in one form or another, if not they wouldn't be in business.
  7. rrjim1

    rrjim1 TrainBoard Member

    IMO the OP is the big failure here, I agree with Yoho.
  8. CBQ Fan

    CBQ Fan TrainBoard Member

    I have been waiting over two months for two U25B to be fixed under warranty from Atlas. If they are that far behind on warranty work that is pretty sad and if the are putting customer pay jobs ahead of warranty work that is also wrong. You wait months or years for a product only to get junk when they arrive.
  9. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    You are all entitled to your opinions...as well as I am. Posting a rant/vent thread will draw comments from both camps. Going on YoHo's comment... all they needed was a skeleton crew of ONE to make sure someone was there Dec 26th to open the door so UPS could pick up packages that are ready to go. Its not that the throttle still needs repair...its fixed...repackaged and just sitting there waiting to be picked up by the shipping company. Find any company that wouldnt have at least one employee who would volunteer to work the 26th 29th 30th and the 1st. ...the 4 days that ARENT actual holidays.

    Like ya said...I'm just venting...And its great that here on TB we can do that. It will be what it will be when that throttle finally gets here. Its only a HOBBY...I havent lost any sleep over it....LOL

    Lifes to short....smile everyone.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!
  10. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    George, What did you do get up the same time I did and then check into TrainBoard.

    Wow! This thread is still hauling @$$. What are we up to now...page 5? Must be a lot of unhappy or dissatisfied customers out there.

    I'm not going to play the "I agree card" here. HOWEVER! I will point out that Warranty work is not where the profit is.

    This is history at this point but in the LHS I worked for we turned away warranty work because the companies wanted us to pay for said repairs and shipping. Not so quick here. The mark-up and profit margin for the hobby shop was minimal at best and now they want us to pay for it? I don't think so. We finally developed the policy of the buyer is required to send it back to the manufacturer. It didn't make our customers any to happy but they weren't alone.

    Most of the companies we dealt with including the vendors we purchased wholesale from didn't want the work. They voiced their dissatisfaction and unhappiness with us for taking it back in the first place. Very little credit given when we'd send back broken items needing repairs. Some didn't as in don't even have a warranty...policy. We did repairs but mainly it was taking the parts from a returned item and using them to make the repair. Problem with that is....it will come back, as the same part will eventually break....again.

    This should prove interesting. My cardiologist took the afternoon of Christmas Eve and Christmas day off and will do the same for New Years. Make no mistake he's on call and otherwise open for business. How about, our local Mortician, although the doors are locked, someone is on call to take care of any calls and respond to any unfortunate developments. However, there is a cash register sitting within the walls of each proprietorship and it want's to go cha-ching. Because...because.... for both parties there is income to be generated. Get my drift.

    Thank God this Holiday Season is almost over. Have a good one everyone. That's not a bah-humbug, I enjoy the holiday season just not this one. Ole Santa and his suit did not go out this year. Something to do with a hydrocele if you know what I mean.

    There's Rick's Rant for this Christmas Morning. Even Santa couldn't fix the problem. Sigh![​IMG]
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  11. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    You mean Santa cant fix everyhing !!! :crying:

    Next your gonna tell me there really ISNT a Santa Claus or even an Easter Bunny !!! :crying:
  12. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    Ahh...huunum...cough...sputter....George....how do I tell you this. I just work for the big guy. And we don't take in warranty work.

    As far as a male bunny laying eggs...that are had boiled and decorated? What's he having hot flashes? Well...I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

    Funny, just to funny...LOL
  13. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    I just hope this doesn't turn into another rant about NCE in the near future. If you were having issues with the Digitrax, you should have called me. I hope you are not throwing out the system because of the throttle.

    But enough of that.....

    Merry Christmas George! I hope your New Year is filled with more train time and less tribulation.
  14. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    If George does throw it away I hope he throws my direction or at me. I have a catcher's mit...from my youth. And no, Santa didn't bring it I worked hard one summer to buy it. Now how many kids today can say that? Grin! I know of a few.

    David, Yes, the best to you and your family.
  15. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Yes. It is true. And, haven't you ever seen a cow jump over the moon? That's also true.
  16. urodoji

    urodoji TrainBoard Member

    It took me close to 10 years to get past the Quick Start at the front of my manual. It's that easy to use. Super intuitive.
  17. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    I have proof that one of those cows must have stopped off for a visit. Oh that Hickory Farms Moon Cheese is delicious. Never mind the Turkey Sausage.

    Too much fun!!!!
  18. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    Next thing you're gonna tell me is that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.................... :p

    (yes, I know they did, back in 1908, a LOOOOOOONG time ago...........)
  19. badlandnp

    badlandnp TrainBoard Member

    George, Rant on! Sometimes we need to do that.

    I like my NCE system because it is easy to use for an old fella that ain't too tech savvy. But that doesn't mean much since I have never used Digitrax, even tho my LHS in Billings suggested it as his preference. I do have a second utility throttle, but it hasn't met the canine fate yours did! Wow!

    A suggestion, when I hooked up the DCC I wired the buss thru a DPDT switch so I can swap directly back to straight DC with my old MRC throttle. The only trouble with that is that the layout is all one block, but...... I can test that new loco before working on it!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  20. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    The Saga continues...


    Jan 5th 2015...after Digitrax had 12 days off for the holidays. I call them early this morning. Give them my name...address...phone # and a new CC #. I expected the throttle to be shipped today. 5 PM their time...no activity on the CC. No email confirmation. Call them and get the usual 'call during bussiness hours' BS. Which means they didnt process it today !! This suxs !

    You may think I'm being cynical...I just think its Digitrax's P*ss Poor customer service and business practices in general !!!!


    "I contacted your service department by phone early Jan 5th...after you had taken 12 days off for the holidays. The old CC had been compromised. I gave the service department my name...address...phone # and a new CC #. The item should have shiiped the same day (Jan 5th). Obviously it hasnt. I'm not a happy customer.


    "Good Day.
    I have no idea who you are there was no name on the e-mail. I'm not able to look up your account. After coming back from our holiday, we have been pretty busy. Any and all shipment will be done at the end of the week."

    "If you are that busy perhaps you shouldnt have taken 2 weeks off !! Now you tell me it will be 4 more days before you will even ship it !"

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