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    Contact: Danelle Wettstein
    Page Content: Canadian Pacific will be the exclusive Canadian rail transportation provider for Contrans, using innovative Raildecks multimodal flat rack containers.¤ The agreement extends the long-haul efficiencies of rail to a markets currently served by transport trucks across Canada.
    “Raildecks’ innovative product extends the efficiencies of intermodal rail to industrial products shippers,” said John McBoyle, Vice-President Intermodal at Canadian Pacific.¤ “We believe industrial product customers will be attracted to the consistency, efficiency and , reliability of our long-haul intermodal network.”
    “The Raildecks solution provides a viable option to convert some of the industrial freight that is moving over the road to be transported on intermodal rail,” said Rick Jocson, CEO of Raildecks.¤ “By converting a traditional over-the-road commodity to rail, Raildecks are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, freeing up major roads and highways, and reducing costs for shippers.”¤
    “We are excited to be able to provide shippers with a brand new service offering,” stated Stan G. Dunford, Contrans’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This will revolutionize the long haul flatbed market and will result in substantial efficiencies and savings for shippers.”
    Canadian Pacific has been testing Raildecks’ 53ft collapsible, multimodal carriers over the summer at its Toronto Intermodal Facility in Vaughn, ON.¤ The testing proved the concept, as pipe and other industrial products moved seamlessly on CP’s longhaul intermodal trains.¤ Previously shippers relied on trucks to move these types of products over a long distance.
    About Canadian Pacific:
    Canadian Pacific (TSX: CP) (NYSE: CP) operates a North American transcontinental railway providing freight transportation services, logistics solutions and supply chain expertise.¤ Incorporating best-in-class technology and environmental practices, CP is re-defining itself as a modern 21st century transportation company built on safety, service reliability and operational efficiency. Visit cpr.ca and see how Canadian Pacific is Driving the Digital Railway.
    About Contrans:
    Contrans is a leader in the Canadian transportation industry and has been providing exemplary service to its customers since 1926.¤ With the widest array of trailer configurations available for shippers, Contrans is Canada's most diversified transportation company.
    About Raildecks:
    Raildecks is a North American company that has developed innovative transportation solutions by creating the industry's first fifty three foot open top intermodal flat rack for double stack transportation. ¤The equipment has been designed to convert traditional over the road industrial freight onto the high speed intermodal rail network.¤ As an open container with no ceiling or side walls the Raildecks container can be collapsed for cost effective repositioning and storage.¤ This road-to-rail conversion reduces greenhouse gas emissions, frees up major roadways and highways, adds capacity and reduces cost.¤ Raildecks is an active member of The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), a qualified member of the AAR and RAC.¤Visit www.raildecks.com to learn more about our innovative open-top intermodal solutions.
    Raildecks Intermodal backgrounder¤(DOC, 821kb)
    Canadian Pacific
    Mike LoVecchio
    Media Relations
    778 772-9636
    Steven Brookshaw
    Vice President, Flatbed Operations
    Contrans Flatbed Group
    Cell: 519.636.2751
    Phone:¤ 605.768.0310
    John Cameron
    Ph: 403.589.6932

    News Release Date: 10/17/2011 12:00 AM
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    News Type: Investors
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