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    What is E-Z App Train Control and what would be required?
  2. glenng6

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    From one Nam vet to another. E-Z App is Bachmann's implementation of BlueRailTrains board. The engines have a Bluerail board installed which uses a Bluetooth app to control the functions of the engine. (Direction, speed and lights) A BlueRail board, in the engine, and either the E-Z App application, or BlueRailTrains app, are all you need. Since there is no chance I will ever be able to install boards in an engine I opted to buy two E-Z App engines and I control them using the BlueRail app instead of E-Z App. I cannot say enough good things about the capabilities of the app. It can wirelessly control engines up to 100' away. You can control bells, horns and lights. BlueRailTrains implementation of speed matching locos and creating consists is very easy. That is the main reason I went for two engines. It is great to double head a train, with speed matched locos, with very little effort. The only complaint I have with the first board, Blue Horse, is it doesn't have on-board sound. That board is out of stock and the new board will have on-board sound. There will be a second board called BlueRailDCC, which will be available from Tam Valley. It will, as the name implies, control engines that already have DCC boards installed. The wonderful news is you will not have to program CVs to make changes to the various options within the DCC board. All of the changes will be done through the BlueRail app. Again, I can't express how much fun it is to control locos using the BlueRail app. Other than the board, no other hardware is required. The signals to the board, in the engines, is Bluetooth wireless. There are no signals sent through the rails, as happens with DCC. One other thing I will mention is the bells and horns are limited and is a major reason BlueRailTrains has added partners. Hopefully, any shortcomings will be addressed with the new boards. All these boards can also be operated deadrail. That is the power is applied by battery, not through the rails. Those set-ups will be available from Dead Rail Installs and hopefully board installs may be available, as well. I hope I have given a good accounting of BlueRail operation and what is about to happen with the new boards. If I have made any mistakes, or left out anything important, others will chime in and set the record straight. Also, If it isn't obvious, you will need a cell phone with, I believe Bluetooth 4 support. Glenn

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