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JCater Jan 28, 2001

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    I was looking at my layout plans last-night and at a branch of the mainline that will be elevated, leading to some coal mines and an oil field. I had this great idea...why not make that line Nn3, with an interchange rather than a turnout [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]?!!? This of course made me start thinking about you guys and wondering if any of you run dual gauge on your layout?? If so what do you have?? Happy Modelling!!

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    John - I have a section of dual gauge (HO & HOn3) at an interchange from my logging operation to the main line. I hand lay all of my rail, so it was quite a challange to get everthing to work correctly ... especially the points of the turnouts to close both gauges at the same time. It took some practice, but it was well worth while after I finished. Also, there was a little problem with wiring the system, but got that figured out too. [​IMG]

    Go for it. You will be glad you did. It offers so much more operational enjoyment!

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